AMWF Equipment Donation Requests

AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION, (AMWF) has a Food Truck to provide hot meals to the needy, at homeless locations weekly, but it needs repair!

We recently took our large 2002 Ford E250XL cargo van in for repair and found out that it needs a new engine for $5,600 (over 260,000 miles) and after that repair of we can expect a transmission rebuild.

We need 2 cargo or passenger vans with removable seats, an SUV with removable seats or large pick up truck with a camper shell for pickup and delivery of FREE food, clothing and supplies

We are also looking for:

2- iPhone 10 or newer;

1- 2016-20 MacPro Cylinder/Tower;

1- 2015-2019 iMac Pro;

1- 2016-20 Mac Mini;

2- Apple MacBook Pro 16” Laptop;

1 Apple MacBook Air Laptop, running MacOS 11.1 Big Sur and the top software;

2- Mobile Hotspots 4G LTE with Internet Service for Nonprofits; and

1- Hosted VPS with email services.

Can you donate/provide any of this equipment?

 See our video at:

You can make your check payable to: AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION (AMWF), 4200 Park Blvd., Ste. #One16, Oakland, CA 94602; you can donate with Paypal email to:, or our PayPal Fundraising Link: Please donate generously and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR NETWORK of friends, co-workers, social media, email, and text groups.

May God REWARD YOU and your Families!


Abdul- Jalil


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