BABE with Vitatoe, Jalil, Blackmon, Carlos, Robinson
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BLACK AWARENESS DAY (BAD), BLACK EXPO known as BAD BLACK EXPO, is an EVENT- AN EXPERIENCE, A HAPPENING, drawing from the vast African diaspora- African and Caribbean countries to the USA, creates innovative experiences that harness the energy of the alternative, natural, organic Black movement and showcase the best brands of ALL progressive people of color, focuses on this influential community of minority people of all backgrounds gathers,  speaking as a social enterprise through business, sports, and entertainment addressing ALL MAJOR issues affecting ALL people, civil rights, employment, economic justice, medical care, education, quality food and shelter, and law enforcement in undeserved Black and people of color communities.

BABE with Vitatoe, Jalil, Blackmon, Carlos, Robinson
BAD BLACK EXPO with Vitatoe, Jalil, Blackmon, Carlos, Robinson

In 1972 after Abdul-Jalil returned from living in Paris, France where he had the HONOR of having his portrait painted by Beauford Delaney, hailed as the most important African-American artists of the 20th century, Jalil founded BAD BLACK EXPO. It began as a two day event and grew into a five day explosion as the epicenter where total Community and entire Blackness converge, it is a curated destination of choice where OUR community gathers for a party with a purpose. BAD BLACK EXPO presents the nations ethnic minority leaders in EVERY major area of society, Superstar entertainers and athletes, creatives, and tastemakers who are seen as unwanted outsiders, but who successfully fought and directly affected American and World societal culture at large. It’s not easy living in a world where Black culture is constantly exploited, abused, appropriated and commodified without credit. BAD BLACK EXPO collectively defines and develops a universe for OUR Boldness and OUR Blackness of OUR OWN creations designed by US, for US, inspiring and bringing us together for quite THE party.

While progressive in EVERY way, BAD BLACK EXPO has long been instrumental in bringing dollars to the Bay Area’s Black and people of color economic communities and creating a critical platform for Black and minority culture and support vendors featured annually at the event in the following ways: 

1) To increase visibility and awareness of Black/Minority-owned companies/business; 

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

2) To provide an organized platform for consumer interaction and education by business opportunities; 

3) To encourage both inter and intra community commercial partnerships and industry alliances; and 

4) To redirect the economic purchases of the Black communities in the US back into Black and people of color communities.

BAD BLACK EXPO was established to celebrate and preserve the culture of the alternative, natural, organic Black movements legacy and those of ALL progressive people of color by providing, advocating and promoting minority business expansion, artistic progression, community building and social change by bringing together everyone who loves the culture of the Black movement and those of ALL progressive people of color. BAD BLACK EXPO consists of a variety of culture-based commerce, sports and entertainment, legal, political, educational and social events, including live music performances, learn and play competitive sports clinics and activities, live product demos, celebrity lectures, literature, presentations, exhibitions, live theater, movie screenings, live art installations in a lawn gallery, extensive culinary demonstrations, lifestyle brands, fashion, photography, crafts, clothing, jewelry, exotic food vendors, children’s activities, history presentations, poetry/spoken word, African/Caribbean dance, celebrity panels, giveaways, holistic/natural health and wellness, and family friendly partying to build thriving urban communities in order to sustain future generations by mobilizing and educating urban masses through commercial business, entertainment, artistic, social impact campaigns and major BAD BLACK EXPO events.

BAD BLACK EXPO is an opportunity for ALL people to connect, engage with others, network, and learn about the Black movement and those of ALL progressive people of color as our community unleashes freedom of expression, and honor the power of individuality while strengthening the community paying homage to the Black community and those of ALL progressive people of color. Being able to unapologetically celebrate our culture while surrounded by other beautiful Black beings is an amazing feeling that you will experience at BLACK AWARENESS DAY, BLACK EXPO. Where you can unapologetically be yourself and celebrate our culture: the food we create and eat, the music we create and listen to, the movies we film and watch, our language, our dances, our art, our literature, our family structures and relations, our style, our fashion, our spirituality, our religions, and so much more.

BAD BLACK EXPO’s cultural aspect is integral to the entire USA and World’s cultural scene being rooted in shared experiences and traditional customs, Black culture brings forward a unique and diverse perspective of the nations heritage reflecting on it’s culture, history and traditions have it’s influence and impact over the collective drive of the world in EVERY different aspect of existence. BAD BLACK EXPO celebrates OUR roots, historical events and modern society through a wide range of cultural art forms where attendees experience a great variety of artifactual delicacies created by Black-owned companies, providing a unique experience with this alternative, natural, organic Black cultural event that showcases the positivity of the culture of the Black movement and those of ALL progressive people of color.

ALL Black and artists of color of ALL the arts deserve the same opportunities as their mainstream counterparts and our platform introduces and connects established entertainment and sports Superstars with performances from notable and emerging national talents in the industry as well as from talented rising newcomers from the Bay Area community. BAD BLACK EXPO presents of a wide range of live theater, film and television screenings, engaging panels, networking events, activities designed to educate, nurture career development, mentor and inspire attendees, and more. BAD BLACK EXPO attracts people from around the world, including artists, entertainment industry executives and upscale enthusiasts.

BAD BLACK EXPO is an “Immersive Economic Inclusion!”- that fire in your soul that implores you to vocalize and present your position and make a difference, empowered by your passion for Black excellence, entrepreneurial creativity and economic inclusion. All of that creative business energy comes together at BAD BLACK EXPO, where creative leaders will present speaker sessions and workshops questioning the status quo, financing, building and maintaining businesses, corporate relations with integrating and changing the business world for the better.

The Oakland Tribune
The Oakland Tribune
Frankie Beverly and Raw Soul performed at BABE

BAD BLACK EXPO is extremely important for students and entrepreneurs! We have students and entrepreneurs working us every day providing assistance to close the Black corporate business gap and the economic crises it creates is real and will continue unless there is MAJOR change. We support student who study business administration, science, technology, advertising, marketing, public policy and entrepreneurship with  planning, Speakers and advisors on many outstanding topics from different perspectives of The State of Black Business, a national perspective from corporations, diversity inclusion speakers, government perspective of how to marketing to them and small business and entrepreneurship perspective point of views. Five days of education, inspiration, motivation, connections, networking, advertising/marketing/promotion/sales, individual conversations, seminars, and workshops, corporate, organizational and entrepreneur presentations and more.



Frankie Beverly and Marvin Gaye
Frankie Beverly and Marvin Gaye

Frankie Beverly and Raw Soul performed at the Orphanage before Marvin Gaye that lead to their union with the “Silky Soul Singer”! They also performed at the BAD BLACK EXPO and several other venues around the Bay Area booked by Abdul-Jalil and SUPERSTAR MANAGEMENT whom actually fed the group as they lived in their bus parked in various areas around Oakland and Berkeley in the 1971-75 era BEFORE they made it BIG!!!! Marvin took the group on the road with him as his opening acts and suggested that they change their name from Raw Soul, becoming Maze, then Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, then Frankie Beverly and Maze!

Maze’s seventh studio album, Silky Soul, was dedicated to the group’s mentor and musical guide, Marvin Gaye. The title track opens with a description of a “smooth”, “special” man who remains in the hearts and minds of those he sang to. Towards the end of the song, Frankie Beverly belts out, “I remember brother Marvin”, revealing in full who the album is dedicated to. The song also samples Marvin Gaye’s unprecedented sociopolitical smash hit “What’s Going On”.

By the time Silky Soul was released in 1989, Marvin had been dead for five years but his legacy was still very clearly alive and well in those that loved him and his music.

The Oakland Tribune
The Oakland Tribune
Dr. Khalid al-Monsour and Destiny perform at BABE
Dr. Khalid al-Monsour and Destiny perform at BABE


Al Waleed with Micheal Jackson
Al Waleed with Micheal Jackson

One of Abdul Jalil’s and Superstar Managements business associates since 1968 is Donald Warden with his law firm of Holmes & Warden. 

Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour formerly known as Donald Warden with Roger C. Holmes who later took the name Dr. Faissal Mohammed Fahad, was representing HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulazziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia in a court case in California. Al-Mansour became Special Advisor to HRH Prince Alwaleed

Abdul-Jalil introduced his client Hammer to Al-Monsour and Al-Waleed and arranged a week long event in Paris, France, for Al-Waleed at his Paris resort- Euro Disneyland Paris and its sister park, Walt Disney Studios. Abdul-Jalil also made the introduction of Al-Waleed’s son Prince Khaled bin Al-Waleed bin Talal, also known as Abu Jenna in the business world, a very successful businessman in his own right. 

Prince Alwaleed (the world’s 19th riches person at the time), was a student at Menlo College in California, was asked by a Saudi friend to go home with him to Riyadh.  His friend was a member of the Royal Family and was upset because OPEC was being sued.  The Saudi King asked that Donald Warden/Al-Mansour “take the case” and they began legal representation defending OPEC in court.

President Barack Obama and Khalid Al-Monsour
President Barack Obama and Khalid Al-Monsour

Al-Mansour, as the “formal” attorney for OPEC, threatened an oil embargo by the OPEC nations in response to a lawsuit filed against them. The threat of reprisals also included withdrawal of funds on deposit with American banks. The antitrust lawsuit had been filed in December 1978 by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in federal court in Los Angeles, and the decision was announced in September at 477 F.Supp. 553 (1979). It is fascinating to note that another attorney who wrote a brief on behalf of Indonesia-U.S. Business Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was Antonin Scalia, then a professor at the University of Chicago, years before he was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1986. He won the OPEC case and was Cited by Federal Judge Andrew Hauk for the Clarence Darrow Award as lead attorney in the famous IAM vs. OPEC trial (1978).

The Prince asked Al-Mansour to accompany him to Africa to help him invest money there to “build Africa up”.  Al-Mansour knew many of the Presidents in Africa and made the introductions to the Prince. They then founded the international law firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal and Al-Mansour.


Khalid al-Mansour and Prince Al-Waleed raising of President Barak Obama

Al-Mansour took an interest in Barak Obama when they met up during one of Al-Mansur’s speeches at Columbia. As Percy Sutton told NY1 reporter Dominic Carter on the show “Inside City Hall”: “I was introduced to (Obama) by a friend who was raising money for him.” He asked Sutton to write a letter in support of Obama’s application to Harvard Law School.

Attorney, Civil Rights leader, owner of InnerCity Broadcasting, Apollo Theater, Percy Sutton
Attorney, Civil Rights leader, owner of InnerCity Broadcasting, Apollo Theater, Percy Sutton

“The friend’s name is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, from Texas,” Sutton said. “He is the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men. He told me about Obama.”

Sutton recalled that al-Mansour said that “there is a young man that has applied to Harvard. I know that you have a few friends up there because you used to go up there to speak. Would you please write a letter in support of him?” Sutton did.

Sutton revealed that it was Al-Mansour (from San Antonio, Texas) who raised the money to pay for Obama’s education at Harvard when Obama was 25 years old.

So, Obama graduated from Columbia University in New York,  spent a time as a community organizer in Chicago under Kellman … met Al-Mansour and headed off to Harvard.  He arrived unknown, but left with having had national news media exposure, a book contract… and,  having been the Editor of the Law Review on his resumé.  He graduated Magnum Cum Laude.

One of Obama’s patron was Alwaleed bin-Talal, the world’s fourth richest men. Shortly before Obama entered Harvard Law, bin-Talal donated $20 million dollars to Harvard. Five or six years later bin-Talal created the “Alwaleed bin-Talal Center for Islamic Studies” at Harvard Divinity School, its best-funded division. At about the same time bin-Talal opened similar centers at Georgetown, Cambridge, American University, and many other major Universities.

Hammer and Michael Jackson
Hammer and Michael Jackson

September 19, 1995, 34 year-old Barack Obama announced his candidacy for Illinois’s State Senate. One of his opponents was first-time candidate Gha-is Askia.

During his campaign, Abdul-Jalil consulted Askia and his client, M. C. Hammer supported a community event Askia sponsored while doing a series of TV/radio/media appearances in Chicago for his album promotion tour.

Obama had been a grassroots organizer in this gritty neighborhood, registering thousands to vote before going off to Harvard Law School. He came back to Chicago, to work as a lawyer. And saw a chance to run for state Senate. But in his first race for office he made sure Democratic voters had just one choice. Him.

ALL Obama’s opponents were kicked off that ballot before a single vote was cast. How? Obama sent a team of lawyers and volunteers to the Chicago Board of Elections, and challenged the petitions of his opponents. You needed 757 signatures of registered voters to become a candidate. Askia gathered 1,999. But when the Obama team was through challenging his signatures, addresses and voter registrations, Askia came up 69 signatures short. THE REST, AS THEY SAY, IS HISTORY!!

The Sports Image Awards Honoring Muhammad Ali, Venus Williams, Carl Lewis, Steve Young, Al Attles, Dave Stewart, Peter Westbrook
The Sports Image Awards Honoring Muhammad Ali, Venus Williams, Carl Lewis, Steve Young, Al Attles, Dave Stewart, Peter Westbrook
1995 Sports Image Awards Sponsors
Abdul-Jalil a 1995 Sports Image Awards Sponsors

Abdul-Jalil and Askia partnered to bring Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie to San Francisco on November 5, 1995 for “The Sports Image Awards”, an event Abdul-Jalil Sponsored, to Honor Ali with the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

The Sports Image Awards- A Night to Remember!, sought to single out and honor those in sports who have dedicated effort, time and money to better their community, the nation, and the World. Those honored, we feel, are a part of a long line of athletes that back to the great Paul Robeson, who matched dignity with dollars. Those who use sports for it’s highest and most noble purpose, the uplifting of the Human Family.

Also being honored were Venus Williams, Carl Lewis, Steve Young, Al Attles, Dave Stewart, Peter Westbrook. Hammer was the Featured Entertainer. The program included Founder- Martin Wyatt, Master of Ceremonies- Mark Curry, Music Director- Narada Michael Walden, Recording Artist- Color Me Badd,  Touch of Class Choir, Clarence Clemmons, Nikita Germaine. Lisa DeBartolo- 49er Foundation and Dennis Banks presented and received Special Presentations.

The Oakland Tribune
The Oakland Tribune


Marvin Gaye-Distant Lover Live
Marvin Gaye-Distant Lover Live

“Destiny” performed before Marvin Gaye that lead to their union with the “Silky Soul Singer”! They also performed at the BLACK EXPO and several other venues around the Bay Area booked by Abdul-Jalil and SUPERSTAR MANAGEMENT! Marvin took the group on the road with him as his opening act and background signers!

Their 1974 live version of “Distant Lover” recorded Live in Oakland, has been regarded as the greatest live performances of all time!

  • Lead vocals by Marvin Gaye
  • Background vocals by Eric Dolen, Charles Burns, Dwight Owens, Michael Torrance & Wally Cox
  • Instrumentation:
    • Ed Green: drums
    • James Jamerson: bass
    • David T. Walker: guitar
    • Ray Parker: guitar
    • Joe Sample: keyboard
    • John Arnold: percussion
    • Joe Clayton: congas
    • Paul Hubinon: trumpet
    • George Bonhanon: trombone
    • Ernie Watts: sax
    • William Green: sax
    • James Getzoff: violin
    • Jack Shulman: violin
  • Arranged by Gene Page
  • Produced by Marvin Gaye

“Distant Lover (live)”

Single by Marvin Gaye

from the album Marvin Gaye Live!


June 28, 1974


January 4, 1974 

Oakland Coliseum 

(Oakland, California)


George Johnson- NBA, Vida Blue- Oakland A’s, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Syreeta Wright (Mrs. Stevie Wonder), Recording Artist “RIOT” , Abbey Lincoln-Actress , Pam Grier-Actress , Brenda Sykes-Actress,Isaac Curtis-NFL Rookie of the Year, Cincinnati Bengals, All Pro; Sherman White-Cincinnati-All Pro; Abdul Fakir-Four Tops, Ron Dellums-Congressman, IBM, Bob Jones, Bernie McCain-KDIA, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, Curt Aller, Mike White- Jazz, Woody Shaw-Jazz, Anthony Braxton- Jazz, Joesph Jarman- Jazz, Les McCann- Jazz, Eddie Harris- Jazz, Pharoah Sanders- Jazz, Owen Marshal and the Artist from the Black Jazz Label, Gene Russell- Recording Artist, Merl Saunders, Tower Of Power, Malo, John Lee Hooker, Bloodstone, Ornette Coleman, Carlos Santana, Sylvester, Sly and the Family Stone, David Rubinson, Pete Escovedo, Edwin Hawkins, Gospel Hummingbirds, Graham Central Station, Joe Simon, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, New Birth, Sly and the Family Stone, Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, William DeVaughn, Minnie Ripperton January, Maurice WhiteEarth, Wind & Fire June,Betty Davis, Walter Hawkins, The Whispers, Eugene White ; Frankie Beverly and Raw Soul, Destiny- Marvin Gaye Touring/Recording Artist, “THE SUPER SNAPS”- Recording Artist, “THE VARIATIONS”-Recording Artist, “PEOPLES’ PEOPLE”-Recording Artist, Jimmy McCracklin, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Harvey Fuqua, Wally Cox, Lucius Allen- Milwaukee Bucks, Bill Walton, Keith Wilkes, BART, Leon Coleman- Olympian, Ed Caruthers- Olympian, Otis Burrell- Olympian, Norm Thompson NFL, Leon Burns- NFL, Roy Shivers- NFL, George Atkinson- NFL, MacArthur Lane- NFL, Mel Gray- NFL, Ahmad Rashad- NFL, Dave Cowens- Boston Celtics, Jack Ramsay- Portland Trailblazers Coach, Al Attles- Warriors Coach, Joe Roberts- Warriors Coach, Bill Russell- Coach, Bob Hopkins- NBA Coach, Zaid Abdul-Azziz- NBA, Charles Lowery- NBA; Russell Lee- NBA, Terry Metcalf- NFL, The Pointer Sisters, Chaka Khan, The Hues Corporation, Billy Preston, Curtis Mayfield, Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, Bloodstone, L. A. Young Hearts, Tavares, Chicago Art Ensemble, Sun Ra, Tony King, Marvin Robinson, Don L. Lewis of KRE, Dennis Richmond-KTVU, Ben Tapscott- Man-of-the-year, Head Basketball and Track Coach, Charlie Scott- Phoenix Sons, Spencer Haywood-Seattle Supersonics, Eddie Hart-Olympic Champion, Tommie Smith- Olympic Champion, John Carlos- Olympic Champion, Dave Smith- Olympian and American Triple Jump Record Holder, Erv Hunt- UCB/Head Track Coach, Mayor of Richmond Booker Anderson, Arthur Ashe, United Negro College Fund, Recording Artist “Variations”, Ashley Smith, Julian Bond-Congressman, Councilmember D’Army Bailey, Don Warden, Mahdi Abdul Rahman- Seattle Supersonics, Flynn Robinson- San Diego Conquistadores, Curtis Rowe- Detroit Pistons, Sydney Wicks- All Pro Portland Trailblazers, Al Ross, Larry Livers- Track, John Caldwell-KSOL, Jay Sweet-KDIA, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, Odis Allison- NBA, Linda Fontenette, Jeffery Osborn- LTD, THE BLACK EXPO COMMITTEE, Don L. Lewis- K.R.E, Eddie Neals, Joseph Roberts- Warriors, “THE RISING SIGNS”, “THE SUPER SNAPS”, “THE VARIATIONS”, “PEOPLES’ PEOPLE”, H’S LORDSHIPS ON THE BERKELEY MARINA, Marvin Robinson, Marvin Blackmon

Beauford Delaney (1901-1979) “Portraitist of the Famous

“Perhaps I should say, flatly, what I believe–that he is a great painter, among the very greatest; but I do know that great art can only be created out of love, and that no greater lover has ever held a brush.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987), writer,
friend of artist Beauford Delaney

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971oil on canvas

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971

In 1971 Abdul-Jalil had the HONOR of having his portrait painted by Beauford Delaney, hailed as the most important African-American artists of the 20th century, whose life appeared to symbolize the mythical artistic existence of privation and relative obscurity, that show a retrospective of “uninhibited colorist (though never an unintelligent one)” that is “apotheosized” and whose talent and “free, open and outgoing nature” engendered admiration from everyone whom was fortunate enough to encounter him as he was THE darling of the international culture scene in New York and Paris. James Baldwin called him his “spiritual father.”

Remembering THE Greatest artists of the 20th century, the ‘amazing and invariable’ Beauford Delaney, the “Portraitist of the Famous”, who’s masterpieces are trumpeted as cutting-edge work in Black aesthetics, stylistic evolution from representation to pure abstraction, with new and radical theories with his techniques and expression of the politics of Black arts, affording him his very own, singular serious stature among abstract expressionists, transforming the critical landscape into a growing interest in his creation of “Black Abstraction”!

For more than a decade, Delaney showed compelling, vibrant images of energetic life: produced engaging abstract works, portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light, powerful works of art and culture, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day.

James Baldwin and Beauford walking in Harlem
James Baldwin and Beauford Delaney walking in Harlem

The fascinating Beauford Delaney is a Modern artist who produced engaging portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of New York life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light following his move to Paris in 1953, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day! 

The career of Beauford Delaney (1901-79) was mainly working with Expressionism, Harlem Renaissance who’s first exhibition was New Names In American Art: Recent Contributions To Painting And Sculpture By Negro Artists at The Renaissance Society in Chicago, IL in 1944, and the most recent exhibition was Art Basel Miami Beach 2020 – online viewing only at Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL in 2020. Beauford Delaney is mostly exhibited in United States, but also had exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom and elsewhere. Delaney has 10 solo shows and 79 group shows over the last 76 years (for more information, see biography). Delaney has also been in 7 art fairs but in no biennials. The most important show was Beauford Delaney: From New York to Paris at Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA in 2005. Other important shows were at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, MN and The Studio Museum in Harlem in New York City, NY. Beauford Delaney has been exhibited with Norman Lewis and Romare Bearden. Beauford Delaney’s art is in 9 museum collections, at France at the Museum of Modern Art , École des Beaux-Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, NY and The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, featured in Jet and Playboy magazines among others.

Beauford Delaney is ranked among the Top 10 globally, and in United States. Delaney’s best rank was in 1944, the artist’s rank has improved over the last 5 years, with the most dramatic change in 1992.

His list of friends and acquaintances including artists, World Leaders, politicians, activist, authors/poets/writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, promoted by numerous patrons of the arts, world Cultural Ambassadors, art gallery owners, befriended by notable figures, and musicians Stuart Davis — his closest painter compatriot — W.E.B. Du Bois (whose portrait he painted), Salvadore Dalí (whose portrait he painted), Countee Cullen, Louis Armstrong (whose portrait he painted), Duke Ellington (whose portrait he painted), Ethel Waters (whose portraits he painted), W.C. Handy (whose portrait he painted), Henry Miller (who wrote a tribute to him), John F. Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Robert Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Jean-Claude Killy (whose portraits he painted), Herb Gentry, Alain Locke, Cy Twombly, Sterling Brown,  Langston Hughes, Georgia O’Keeffe (who drew charcoal and pastel portraits of Delaney in 1943), Augusta Savage, Stuart Davis, John Marin, Pablo Picasso (whose portrait he painted), Richard A. Long (whose portrait he painted), John Koenig (whose portrait he painted), and Claude McKay were connected to Paris in various ways. 

Josephine Baker- "Love Brotherhood Day"
Josephine Baker- “Love Brotherhood Day”

Luminaries Josephine Baker, Bob Blackburn, Ed Clark, Bob Thompson, Marian Anderson (whose portrait he painted), Jacob Lawrence, Ella Fitzgerald (whose portrait he painted), Zora Neale Hurston, Alfred Stieglitz, Carl Van Vechten, Edward Steichen, Dorothy Norman, Anaïs Nin, art studio owner Charles Alston, Jackson Pollock, Vassili Pikoula, Henri Chahine (whose portrait he painted), Charlie Parker (whose portrait and music he painted.), James Jones, Jean Genet, Lawrence Calcagno, Cab Calloway, Elaine DeKooning, Palmer C. Hayden (whose portrait he painted), art dealer Darthea Speyer (whose portrait he painted) who had exhibitions of Delaney’s art at Paris’ Galerie Lambert in 1964. Others include artists Charles Boggs, Al Hirschfeld, John Franklin Koenig, Harold Cousins, Herbert Gentry (whose portrait he painted), Ed Clark, and Ellis Wilson, authors James Jones and Henry Miller (who was also a water colorist), Writers Richard Wright, Surrealist poet Stanislas Rodanski, Chester Himes, Ralph Ellison, William Gardner Smith, Richard Gibson, Lorraine Hansberry, Ted Joans, art historian Richard A. Long, and his friend Lynn Stone.