Publicist Services

At ¿eX-whY? AdVenture one of the primary responsibilities of a Publicist Company/department is IMAGING, BRANDING. This is done by formulating, developing and executing a full-fledged Public Relations/Media Campaign tailor-made to each company, project, and individual. Once goals are mutually established with the client, press kits are created, which entails conceptualizing the packaging and writing such materials as biographies and corporate background as well as press releases and/or descriptions of specific current projects, events, and newsworthy announcements.
It is our task to deal with all media on a daily basis. This includes trade publications, national and international press encompassing daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, wire services, photojournalists, columnists, television (local, national,global) including news coverage, talk and magazine format shows, radio, internet, cell phone technology and social media. An ongoing effort to establish and maintain visibility in the marketplace within the industry and consumer levels will prevail. Specific press announcements will be made as appropriate. This may include the scheduling and coordination of press conferences and special events.
¿eX-whY? prides itself on going above and beyond the normal constraints of publicity with a creative and innovative flair and a great deal of personal attention. ¿eX-whY? AdVentures has expertise in both publicity and public relations for personalities, corporations, products, and events. Our experience and knowledge is diverse and expansive. In addition to the realm of publicity, ¿eX-whY? AdVentures are valuable in areas such as talent acquisition, marketing, merchandising, licensing, sponsorship, and ancillary areas. ¿eX-whY? understands both the corporate and entertainment worlds and is often instrumental in merging the two.
Some of ¿eX-whY? AdVentures clients include or have included the worlds greatest athletes and entertainers, politicians, C.E.O.’s, corporations, countless celebrity-driven events throughout the world, numerous sports, music, film, entertainment, and television companies as well as  Internet sites, non-profit foundations, top talent including writers, producers, directors and actors. We have produced and served as booking and placement of Executive Talent for major events and many more.
¿eX-whY? has been involved in the creation of Cannes FIlm Festival Palm de’Or, Grammy, Billboard, American Music Awards, BET and Soul Train Awards, among other award winning publicity campaigns and served as publicity director overseeing and handling campaigns for domestic and internation clients, overseeing numerous highly successful projects and help launch the Superstars Entertainment and Sports Network. Our experience includes expertise in handled a variety of accounts including lobbying, press conferences, and many publicity efforts on behalf of clients around the world.


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