Congratulations on your achieving the status of Stardom! SUPER STAR MANAGEMENT (SSM) experts will evaluate your talent and determine if you are one of the best in the game, Amateur or Pro. We at SSM have been acclaimed for having the acute ability to recognize talent and then garner the best opportunity to exploit that talent. With some annual player salaries over $20 million, bonuses over $25 million, and personal services fees over $10 million each, every Pro Athlete must have professional management, representation in contract negotiations and certainly investments. Through our integrity and innovation in the field of contract negotiations, business and personal management, financial and estate planning, we create Sports Based Business Empires . These empires generate additional revenue through publishing, licensing, commercial advertisements, product endorsements, TV, motion picture, personal appearances and other off field activities that spawn new opportunities for professional and financial growth. This in turn promotes greater rewards from the sport in which you excel.
As a ” Superstar ” you are now entering into a period of your life which may be unlike anything that you have experienced before in terms of notoriety and income. During this period it is often difficult to concern oneself with anything more than the negotiations of a lucrative professional service contract with a professional sports franchise, conglomerate or entertainment group.
SSM, as a founding management, entertainment and sports marketing firm, is world renowned for management and the negotiation of lucrative and unprecedented contracts in the realms of dollar value as well as structural design in the sports field. SSM has negotiated contracts that represented the highest paid players in sports, as well as the unique and unusual. All with integrity, foresight, and innovation. The result has been a history of success characterized by our far reaching vision, ability to identify those opportunities, create a precise plan, and with superior performance, successfully accomplish them. Our contracts are not only multi-million dollar types, but also legally iron clad. SSM stresses essential contractual rights in negotiation and assures their compliance. We have also performed arbitrations for salary grievances and federal contract disputes. All successfully!
SSM establishes a one-on-one relationship with you to provide the personalized services to meet your exclusive needs exactly as derived by your advisors from our team of management, legal, financial, and marketing specialists. Most athletes do not have the time or skill to manage both a career and the many businesses, commercial, legal and financial affairs that are so prevalent in sports today. Our goal is to allow you to realize your full professional potential in order to insure your financial security with long term prosperity. To this end, we derive a comprehensive personal financial planning service with the aforementioned vision and performance to move you forward with sustained financial growth as the objective. SSM assumes many important responsibilities for you to allow you to fully pursue your professional goals. Some of those responsibilities that we assume for you are; providing the services of budgeting, accounting, scheduling, tax planning, and bill payment.
SSM emphasizes the full development and exploitation of your professional and commercial opportunities through personal services contracts, licensing and merchandising, endorsements, personal appearances, broadcasting, publishing, and corporate affiliations. We actively pursue these opportunities on an international plane to secure contracts for you in these areas. Once you have developed that “special” persona that transcends sports into real life, there are major endorsement dollars and corporate affiliations that can easily triple your sports salary as your image is synonymous with excellence and consistency worldwide.
However, that’s only a small fraction of the total number of matters with which a professional athlete should be concerned. There are matters which go beyond your career as an active participant in professional athletics. It is these matters which work toward the building of a personal business empire to secure the financial future for yourself and your family.
It is therefore essential that you plan with SSM your financial career skillfully in anticipation of the day when you will no longer be an active player and will turn to those careers and business interests which you have been able to establish with the notoriety and substantial income SSM acquired for you from professional athletics, motion pictures, television, entertainment, publishing, literary, licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, and commercial advertising.
With large bonuses and high salary comes an increased tax burden, both during your income producing years and upon your retirement. Our financial, tax, and legal experts that handle the management and contract negotiations also provide income planning to minimize present income tax burdens during high-income producing years. This is accomplished through the use of interest free loans, incorporating, deferred compensation plans, retirement accounts, tax shelters, trusts and other devices which operate to relieve a portion of what might be a substantial tax IiabiIity while maximizing your net income and achieving your long-term financial objectives.


A substantial portion of your expected income can be channeled into a comprehensive personal financial planning service with investment and business opportunities which shall provide for future financial security for yourself and your family. SSM identifies and provides these new commercial opportunities in business and investment planning designed to preserve and protect those assets and interests. This will relieve you from routine investment burdens and at the same time provide additional protection for you in the event of untimely injury, illness, disability or retirement. Many clients continue to take advantage of our financial services after retiring from competition.
Participation in professional athletics can be a temporary career and is a seasonal activity which not only provides substantial income, but also affords time to engage in a separate career which may or may not be affiliated in some way with the professional athletic industry. SSM provides career planning designed to establish you in a position where you will be able to employ the educational skills acquired in high school and college in order to establish yourself in an endeavor which you will be able to pursue not only while an active player, but most importantly, in those years following the close of your professional career.
Being a Super Star, you certainly recognize and realize the all important need of having a very competent advisor that you trust to represent you in your contract negotiations and guide your business affairs. This is, perhaps, the most crucial decision you will make in your life and you must make it with all the care, patience, and efficiency possible. SSM advisors understand this and are experts trained to handle all of the problems you could possibly encounter.
We lecture on the art of Entertainment Artist and Professional Athlete Representation and Business Management in Entertainment Law for Professional Athletes and Entertainers. We know and understand Entertainment, Sports, Business, and Law.
SSM has proven to be completely competent, and a pioneer in the areas of contract negotiations, financial management, and garnering valuable income from publishing, licensing, sponsorships, advertising, and commercial endorsements. SSM provides negotiators, advisors, attorneys, accountants, and financiers under one coverage if you so desire. We feel that you need experts in all these areas to give you the foremost advice you need on Super Stardom. SSM experts teach and train our clients the intricacies of contracts and financial planning. SSM specializes in Super Stars and it was at the request of several Pro Super Stars that SSM entered into this field over 30 years ago and hence the name.
SSM feels it is extremely important that we know our clients and that you know us. Over 95% of our clients have come to us by recommendation of a Pro Super Star or other client reference because we do not recruit. At SUPER STAR MANAGEMENT we screen our clients just as you should screen agents. We feel that you will represent SSM just as SSM represents you. We take into consideration all of our other clients, all of whom are wealthy and famous, because you will represent them also. We know that SSM can make you very comfortable financially and would like to discuss this possibility with you. Please call SUPER STAR MANAGEMENT collect when you review this online brochure.

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First, SSM provides PRE-DRAFT CONSULTATION. Utilizing the preseason, and post-season industry scouting reports, we market, push, and promote your interest to the selected pro teams we have determined are the best fit for you. We examine your rank and rating among the nation’s leaders at your position and how Pro teams management evaluate you in fulfilling their draft needs. SSM ascertains the probable round and team that will draft you and the probable value that teams management has for you. SSM assesses the factors of:
A. Ability and Current Production of Athlete
B. Publicity and Exposure quotient
C. Level of Competition
D. Past Performance of Athlete
E. Ability, Needs and Financial Condition of the Selected Teams
F. Public Acceptance and Marketability
G. Desire of Athlete
H. Winning Team
I. Character and Mental Toughness
J. Geographical Preference of Professional Team
Then we make a recommendation based upon the scouting reports, personal evaluations, and your preferences to play for a certain Pro team, to completely enhance your draft status and value. We provide valuable assistance on your awards selection, post-season All-Star game selection, and analyses of your All-Star game performance. We also give recommendations on “Sleepers” and ” Late Bloomers” with outstanding Pro potential. We arrange for the Pro scouts to come out to meet you, give you a workout, and review your scouting reports and game film as we push you even harder to get you drafted into the highest round, earliest selection, and the highest dollar value.
Our POST-DRAFT CONSULTATION program offers several Representation Plans specially designed to fit your needs by providing you with our expert advisors to ascertain your complete financial security. We are the best professional advisors to negotiate your contract and advise you as to the length, the amount of money, the bonuses, incentives, and options in the contract. We have attorneys to procure all your legal needs, certified public accountants for your tax planning, financiers for your investment portfolio, insurance, and estate planning. Additionally we provide personal artist managers to enhance your commercial advertisement, product endorsement, and motion picture appeal.

We provide these and other special services to Rookies, Free Agents, Wavered players, and established Veterans by actively promoting and marketing your interest to the teams, securing try outs and contracts, while giving supplemental reports to selected teams to aid in your quest to get the big dollar contract. For every player, we secure alternate contracts with foreign teams in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Africa, the Islands, as well as other American teams here. We secure contracts for try outs, tours, tournaments and leagues, in addition to employment referrals and aid in furthering your education. For those that do not make it in the United States the first time, we reorient you back into the U.S. pro sports industry with updated film, scouting reports, and information we release to all the pro teams on your progress, statistics, performances, and availability while acquiring new opportunities for you. There is absolutely no other agency or attorney that can do this for you. Just ask them. But….


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For The Sports Veteran

Have you had a good performance? Are you in the last year or option year of your contract? Do you deserve a good raise or want to renegotiate? Are you tired of all the management tricks in negotiations? Do you need sound advice and want the best professional representation?
Abdul-Jalil, President of SUPER STAR MANAGEMENT, advises you to take the time to examine this; it will be the wisest investment of your life.
One agent, manager or lawyer says this, another says that, one looks successful, one gives you money, one seems conservative, one does you favors, one is businesslike, one is just getting started, one has high fees, one is a friend of a friend, one does it free. All you really want is someone honest. Someone you can trust and relate to, that will do the best job possible for you. What you want is simple but finding it is very difficult. We know and sympathize with you. We can not name any agent or advisor who does it all right.
So, does that leave you to negotiate your own contract and invest your own money? A good possibility, but not the best. As mentioned before, with annual player salaries over $20 million, bonuses over $25 million, and annual personal services fees over $10 million, every Pro Athlete must have professional representation in contract negotiations and certainly investments. You must have someone who knows your value and is sincere. Just think, how many contracts have you negotiated? Two, three, maybe four? For how much money? $100,000, maybe $2 million? Well the person you negotiate with, be it the owner or general manager, has negotiated 100 to 500 contracts worth over $900 million and is not likely to part with a contract for $100,000 or $3 million to anyone without a real battle. Just think, who is going to walk up to you and say, “Here is $6 million to play ball for me?” Who is even going to give you $10,000 just like that? You said it, “No One!!!” You must have professional assistance. Your advisor’s decisions must enhance all your career goals, financial objectives, your family long and short term estate planning. The results will affect the lives of your entire family, friends and people who are not even born yet. You must have someone qualified. You just cannot afford to let someone experiment with your future, not with so much at stake.
One would think that you would someday want to be able to handle your own contract and manage your own money. We know that many of you have lost money on poor investments and greedy mismanagements of your funds. Not any of our clients! We have never lost a dime of any of our clients’ money.
Does your agent tell, show or teach you how to invest or manage your own money? Well, we do! We desire that you learn and we are willing to work with you until you become a licensed investment advisor or broker to sell securities, stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or insurance. I know that everyone wants to know how to manage their own money. We teach you how. Have you been put on a budget or let your agent handle your money only to find money missing from your bank account? Well, none of our clients have! We do not physically handle your money, you do. We do all the analysis, making recommendations and advising you. Now that is the way to go!
We encourage and insist that you get yourself together and join Super Star Management for all your needs and feel confident once again that your business is in the best hands, Yours! Call me collect. This is the wisest decision you could ever make.
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Lecture at Hastings University School of Law
Lecture at George Washington University School of Law
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We provide personal artist and business managers, and professional advisors to negotiate and represent you and your professional sport entitys’ contracts to enhance the most complete commercial exploitation of your sports career and your sports marketing, commercial advertisement, product endorsement, personal appearances, corporate sponsorships, engagements, motion picture, T.V., radio, video and print advertisement appeal, etc.; lawyers to provide all your legal services; certified public accountants for all your tax planning; and financiers for your investment portfolio; insurance and estate planning. We provide all these services in one pact for 20% of gross contracts, plus expenses.
This Representation Plan provides the SUPERSTAR advisors to draft, review, or negotiate your contract and to procure all legal services regarding your contract needs at the rate of Three Hundred ($300) Dollars per hour or 5% of total contract less incentives, whichever is greater, plus expenses.
This Representation Plan is designed for the newly Draft Eligible Player or free agent and provides the SUPERSTAR advisors to distribute and promote your “highlight film” and to push your talents with the scouting reports to pro sports teams management for Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars; and negotiate your contract and secure all legal aspects of your contract for only 5% of contract or a flat fee, whichever is greater, plus expenses.
This Representation Plan provides advisors to procure all aspects of your sports marketing, literary, and commercial contracts and an artist manager to ascertain personal appearances, entertainment and corporate engagements, motion picture, T.V., video and print commercial advertisements, sponsorships, and product endorsements for only 20% of contract.
This Representation Plan is for the Player that has a salary grievance or contract dispute and must have the contract or dispute arbitrated by a Federal mediator. We will file, perform, and brief the case for you as necessary.
•NOTE: All Representation Plans provide for all necessary and proper expenses such as travel, accommodations, meals, telephone, etc., at client cost. The Client account is billed monthly and credited with any expenses relative to SUPER STAR MANAGEMENT fulfilling its’ pact as the employee hired by the player client.

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