“Hand of Dignity” Free Clothing Program

“Hand of Dignity” Program

A & MWF provides a wide range of educational opportunities and employment preparation services for our clients including scholarship and admissions programs, referrals for job training, career development support, resume workshops, job search assistance, interview skills training and preparation.
A & MWF, a volunteer-based organization, extends the “Hand of Dignity” to those less fortunate- men, women, and children, and provides them with the basic human necessity of quality, proper clothing, shoes, and accessories with an emphasis on low-income residents successfully obtaining an education or seeking employment to successfully transitioning into the workforce.
Our goal in the “Hand of Dignity” Program is to help low-income residents in Bay Area Counties improve their self-image and self-esteem by providing them with quality school or business apparel appropriate for attending school, job interviews and the professional workplace so they can obtain and education, secure employment and become economically self-sufficient. Many of the women in need of these services have nothing but the clothes on their back because they are escaping from abusive situations.

“Hand of Dignity” accepts new and gently used baby, children, teen youth, men’s and women’s clothing in excellent condition. We do not accept items in bad condition and they must not be noticeably worn, stained, torn, or imperfect. We are very selective as to what we will accept and ask/require that all donations to be in excellent condition, cleaned, pressed and on hangers.
We refresh the baby, children, teen youth clothing and give them new life with someone in need.
“Hand of Dignity” re-news the men’s and women’s business attire and accessories (suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, ties, scarfs, shoes, accessories, etc.) and provide them to individuals and programs which support people in transition or on welfare get jobs in the business world. Those “Qualified” clients in need can call to arrange a fitting of business attire and visit our ”showroom”, meet with a volunteer wardrobe advisor who helps select appropriate outfits for interviews and work for their new job.
Are there any clothes in your closet that you no longer wear? Put them to use by donating them to A & MWF. The less fortunate are always in need of stylish, fresh, clean clothes. We would like to encourage you all to take the opportunity to do a little “closet purging” — and gather all those things that, quite honestly, will NEVER fit your body again.
Among the things that will find a new home with someone in need are some of your very nice, “classic” style, men’s and women’s suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, ties, scarfs, shoes, accessories, children and babies clothing, etc.

Apparel donations can be dropped off in the Bay Area or a convenient and easy pick-up can be arranged. For complete information, call us at 510 394-4101.

Other Services for Old or Unused Clothing

Loved Twice: Clothes for Underprivileged Newborns
After one of the worst natural disasters struck the United States, Lisa Klein put two and two together and created a clothing resource for underprivileged newborns.
Oakland, California

ASSETS Senior Employment Opportunities:

Gives women 55 and older the training and resources to re-enter the job market or expand existing skills. For more information about ASSETS please call Brendalynn Goodall at 238-6137.

The Oakland Welfare-to-Work Program:

Assists families in getting off of welfare and into the job market. For more information about Oakland’s Welfare-to-Work programs contact Edna Davis at 239-3646.
You can take donated items to:
Dalziel Building (at the corner of 14th and Broadway in Oakland)

150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, 4th floor, Oakland, CA.

A Safe Place


Dress for Success

Wardrobe for Opportunity
Wardrobe for Opportunity serves women accepts donations of women’s business attire and has lots of drop-off options at the following drop-off locations. They ask that you bring them clean and on hangers. Broadway Plaza Concierge Desk (outside next to Yogurt Park) in Walnut Creek. 10am-5pm Seven days. J. Malnick, 3751 East 14th Street, Oakland. Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Union Bank of CA, 617 San Ramon Valley Blvd. in Danville. Monday-Wednesday 8-8, Thuresday &.Friday 9-5. Cal Fed Bank, 3614 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette. Monday-Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-1

570 14th St., Suite 4
Oakland, CA 94612

BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficency)
BOSS is starting a Men’s program soon to serve both men and women and accepts donations of business clothing and has drop-off options.

Elizabeth House Women’s Shelter in Oakland and San Leandro

Women’s Refuge
(510) 547-4663


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