CAECAY, a Predictive Strategy Company

CAECAY was born from a love of athletes, entertainers, celebrities and influencers and their ‘celebrity’ status. Aside from the off-the-charts sex appeal and marketability of these individuals, we’ve got one eye on those who are out there donating their time, money and efforts to make this world just a little bit better. The WORLD has come to not just love these athletes, entertainers, celebrities and influencers, but to adore them as well.

Congress of Athletes Entertainers and Celebrities Creating Alternatives for Youths
Congress of Athletes Entertainers and Celebrities Creating Alternatives for Youths

CAECAY main goal is to raise awareness for the charities and organizations professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities and influencers support…because sports, entertainment, celebrity and influencer’s mythical  powers transcends and unites people in magical ways, because it inspires, because it creates change, and because THEY are powerful tools to aid in the betterment of humanity!

We work with Non-Profit leaders to ensure the long-term relevance and financial success of their serving organizations. We specialize in the evolution and deployment of innovative community engagement practices informed by proprietary data that both identify and predict trends in the target client’s behavior.

Successful nonprofit organizations do not choose between social mission and financial sustainability. CAECAY creates online engagement strategies with a lean toward business-related best practices and achieving long-term organizational relevance.

We focuses on your audience and how they think and behave. Sometimes the things that organizations think are great business ideas are actually shortsighted and may lead to an organization’s demise (i.e. when museums commit “Blockbuster Suicide,” offer discounts on social media channels, or build marketing plans around what they offer and not for whom they offer it). CAECAY posts task organizations with answering the question: Is what we are doing aligning with market behavior/expectations while aiding our mission and also ensuring our future financial success? CAECAY posts provide helpful data, case studies, and best practices to aid in your development.  So, how does social media and online engagement drive the desired results? We have a lot of data that answers that question, but here are the basics.

We get people excited about social good, particularly creative, informal learning, and empowering the hard-working, big-hearted people who make it possible.

1) We are a Predictive Strategy Company

We provide predictive strategic intelligence to inform development, economic, marketing and policy strategies for nonprofit, visitor-serving clients to establish digital marketing best practices, develop strategic marketing plans, and manage the deployment of multiple digital marketing tactics. We believe that our clients – the organizations who strive to achieve meaningful social impacts at the very core of their missions – are the stars who deserve the spotlight.  This is our WORK AND PASSION and it’s laced into nearly everything we write here on CAECAY.

2) A vast majority of the data we share is supplied by Industry Metrics

It’s usually the first time it’s been published for the public, is generally pricey for a company to acquire, and is being shared because the data will “better the sector.” We share invaluable and interesting data relevant to the general market and share that data with nonprofit professionals.

3) We write to help the Nonprofit Charity Sector

We write because every day we are in meetings with access to insanely awesome, blindside-the-nonprofit-CEO data and analytics – and often that data is important for the sector to move forward. If it’s not data, then it’s a best practice that has caused a stir among clients, also begging to be shared. Certainly, a very vast majority of the information that we have is proprietary, but CAECAY is a platform to share what we can. You won’t catch ads on this website. Our goal is knowledge transfer – not commerce.  We write at CAECAY because we KNOW it’s the right thing to do.

And of course, you can throw in some “eye candy” every appropriate chance you get.

I hope that you’ll share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments section of this posts and that you’ll connect on social media. I’m grateful to have a terrific group of readers who are busy pursuing their own passions and who help keep the nonprofit sector rolling along. Thanks for reading and I hope that you find this website helpful to you and your organization.

What they are saying about CAECAY:

“I’m a huge fan of because I know I am going to learn something about my favorite athletes that I never knew before and that makes me feel even better about being a sports fanatic! Too often we only hear about the negative and disappointing things that our professional athletes are up to, so I love checking out the site for some good and uplifting news. And the pictures are always so inspiring too!”

“CAECAY is a real pleasure to work with. Their website does a wonderful job of stressing the positive impact of professional athletes, entertainers, celebrities and influencers that gets covered so rarely in the media. I am not surprised that is such a great success.”

“After being involved in Professional and now working for a education non profit, I am always interested in what pro athletes and celebrities are doing to open the door for today’s youth and give back to the community, this is why CAECAY is at the top of my book marked sites!”

“I can always count on CAECAY to get the word out about major events.”

“CAECAY became a main source of information to stay up-to-date on athletes and the causes they supported. CAECAY is on top of their game!”

“CAECAY is the top source for the most current, interesting and newsworthy events and has been on the forefront of celebrity charity fundraising for over 40 years and we support and applaud CAECAY! We frequently log on to get the latest from CAECAY and are always impressed with the pieces they write. Great job CAECAY!”

“CAECAY has become a must read for me. CAECAY’s sports, entertainment, celebrity and influencer knowledge, easy to read writing style, focus on the positive, and amazing contacts mean content found no where else on the web.”