Empowerment Polling and Fundraising Fulfillment


“Empowerment Polling and Fundraising Fulfillment”


When have you EVER read an opinion poll that reflected your opinions and views or that of people that you know? The shear lack of inclusion in same restrains choices, options, and opinions which innately doesn’t serve the best interest of the voting public at large. Would you like your opinion known, your views represented and the truth expressed?
¿eX-whY? AdVenture EMPOWERMENT POLLING is providing an identity for the faceless, a presence for the homeless, a voice for the unheard, strength for the weak, a vote for the ballotless, – finally, true power for the disenfranchised!!!
With such public apathy toward the elections these days, one would assume the incumbents are doing a fantastic job. You know that something is wrong when so few people, in a nation as politically active as America are willing to challenge the status quo.
Contested races, referendums, initiatives and the debates they generate are what makes democracy great. Elections remind us that most often, we are governed by the representatives a majority of voters choose. But choices can be exercised only when there are multiple options.
Electing the people and laws that govern us should be our highest priority. Any political system that becomes complacent should be given new life with the infusion of new opinions, new ideas, new people, diversity and change. Politicians must rise above their self interests to embrace this new diversity and include the “Heartbeat of All People”.
This is a matter of singular importance to all. It reinforces the commitment to providing the national landscape with the knowledge for a more well rounded view of the world and provide the ability to forge exceptional leadership.
The preeminence of this diversity and Heartbeat provides a knowledge base upon which to build an all inclusive platform that is second to none, not only in the quality of the freedom and standard of living we enjoy, not only in the caliber of intellectual achievement and the scientific gains we have made, but also in terms of the delivery of this total cache to the public at large.
This knowledge will help develop policy and research that can guide policymakers on issues of local to national government, economic growth, education, labor issues, health care, real estate development and housing, social welfare, criminal justice and civil rights.
This knowledge and Heartbeat is “ground zero” in the racial, ethnic, economic, and geographical transformation of the international mindset to be all inclusive of this diversity and opinions, to be proactive on these issues and will lead in engaging those questions. The disenfranchised does not have to be the unfortunate victim of history and with self determination, can take charge of their own destiny, if given an opportunity.
¿eX-whY? selects, customizes, and uses effective methodologies and designs creative techniques for Creativegenerating insightful findings as well as analyzing and producing actionable recommendations to assist you with achieving your goals and meeting the needs of your target market.
¿eX-whY? AdVentures EMPOWERMENT POLLING combines web, telephone and postal mail outreach techniques for collecting primary data with secondary research data and forecasting to provide sophisticated overviews of markets, with political and business environment conditions for your campaign, product, company, fundraising, promotion, subscription/membership drive, marketing, etc.
We can offer a most effective and comprehensive campaign of an introductory initial phone call, a follow-up letter, fax or email, and a closing phone call to secure your desired action for less than the costs of a door hanger and lunch per person!!!. We can have your name, face, voice, platform, product, or organization in front of your constituency or target market for less than you could imagine!!!
With this knowledge of ¿eX-whY? AdVentures EMPOWERMENT POLLING, we are vital to a successful effort to raise funds, form committees, enlist precinct workers, obtain endorsements, stage promotions, register voters, hold press conferences, walk precincts, mail brochures, answer and make phone calls to your constituents.
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¿eX-whY? Call Center
With the exorbitant costs of maintaining manual labor based customer service continuing to skyrocket, companies are cutting back service and/or charging fees for customer service and technical support. Most companies are hoping that as customers find that they can take care of their customer service problems over the Web, they won’t call the company’s call center.
According to Forrester Research Inc., Web self-service solutions have an estimated average total deployment cost of $1.17 per customer response compared to an estimated average call-center cost of $32.74 per response. We will cut that costs by 10%!!!
The now disgruntled customer that wants to talk to a person, not a machine, has to pay a fee for the service he felt he was rightfully entitled to when he purchased the product and he still has a problem with the product!!! We can provide your outsourced call center and web based customer service and technical support solutions at a fraction of your current cost.
¿eX-whY? has its own modern international telephone call center with Voice Over Internet Phone technology(VOIP).
Interviewing staff is comprised of and with native speakers of the interviewing languages, fully trained to client and ¿eX-whY? highest standards and are experienced in customer service, technical support, sales, telemarketing, promotions, information gathering, recruiting and interviewing for clients around the globe.
At ¿eX-whY? can conduct interviews almost anywhere in the world and we provide service, staffing, training, advice and recommendations on size and methodological approach in a wide variety of areas, tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, offered from the telephone center including:
Survey Research• Face-to-face qualitative and quantitative interviews• Government• Advertising Research• Positioning and Brand Study Research• Segmentation Research • Secondary Research• Personnel and Organization Research• Personal Interview Research• Focus Group Research• Consumer Research• Business• Higher Education• Telephone surveys (including CATI)• Postal surveys• Focus groups• Patient diary studies• E-Research• Street interviews• Desk research• Quantitative interviews by CATI or pen and paper• Qualitative taped interviews• Omnibus surveys and panels• Surveys involving material faxed to the respondent prior to interview• Recruitment for; diary placements / mail surveys / face-to-face interviews / focus groups• Desk research / exploratory interviews• “State Of The Art” CRT Interviewing with monitoring• Sample Management• Full-time professional supervision and experienced interviewers• Questionnaire pre-testing• Action-oriented reports• Teleconferencing services• Taped/teleconferencing of briefings• Central location interviews• Mall intercepts• In-home product placement and interviewing • Designing • Planning • Organizing • Recruiting • Programming • Moderating • Compensating • Analyzing Developing and delivering presentations • Writing reports • Recommending Design • Planning Coordination and Execution • Moderation • Translation • Transcription • Interpretation • In-depth analysis • Presentation development and delivery • Report writing • Recommendations • Consultation • Data Processing • Editing • Coding • Data Entry • Central control of all aspects of project • Editors and coders are thoroughly trained and briefed • Standards are continuously reviewed and updated • 100% data entry verification
• ¿eX-whY? Data Analysis • Computer Tabulations • Standard cross tabulations • Advanced analytical techniques • Conjoint scaling • Perceptual mapping • Discriminant analysis, and others • Interim status Reports • Top-line data summaries • Full research reports • Premium movie services • Sell and take orders • Provide customer service • Technical support • Respond to and manage email • Application processing • Generate and qualify leads • Schedule appointments • Manage online chats • Perform research and surveys • Announce an event • Fundraise • Generate and qualify leads • Perform research and surveys • Register people for an event • Sell products or services • Update and clean a list • Credit card processing • Daily and weekly reporting • Direct mail • Product fulfillment • Script writing • Web-enabled solutions • Sell and take orders • Provide customer service • Technical support • Respond to and manage email • Application processing • Generate and qualify leads •
Schedule appointments • Manage online chats • Dedicate weekends and holidays 24-hour coverage • NRD Orders processed and shipped daily • Presorted 100% Walk-Sequence Saturated (CDS) to achieve the maximum discount the postal service allows • Fast turnaround • quality service • competitive pricing •
¿eX-whY? as a marketing and research consultancy offers a range of professional services, domestically and internationally.
¿eX-whY? helps corporations objectively gain insights for strategic and tactical decisions about their companies, products, services, and solutions from their target business (B2B) and/or consumer (B2C) markets.
¿eX-whY? selects, customizes, and uses effective methodologies and designs creative techniques for generating insightful findings as well as analyzing and producing actionable recommendations to assist corporations with achieving their goals and meeting their needs for:
Needs assessment • Concept testing • Product or service validation • Feature evaluation • Positioning • Branding • Naming • Messaging • Advertising concept testing • Advertising • Branding • Business management (business plans, board development, capital acquisition, evaluations, negotiations) • Corporate strategies • Creative services • Customer loyalty and satisfaction • Demo/Psychographics • e-Business • Human resources (executive / professional/ technical recruitment and placement, benefits) • Product development • Industrial design • Positioning • Fundraising • Promotions • Marketing communications • Market research (qualitative and quantitative) • Media training • Public Relations • Hardware/Software (design, development, evaluation) • Usability/human factors testing • Web services and solutions (audio, video and Web conferencing, streaming media, graduate education) • Customer Satisfaction • Product Surveys • Service Evaluation • Marketing • New Product/Concept Testing • Focus Group Recruitment • Website • Conference Feedback • Human Resource • Employee Evaluation • Job Satisfaction • Training Evaluation • Course Evaluation
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In addition, our network of specialized professionals collaborate to design and deliver high quality, customized solutions to meet the unique needs, challenges, and goals of their respective clients. The goal is offering  value-added, leveraged services, and resources to best serve current and potential clients through a network of key relationships.
Given a wide range of professional services, ¿eX-whY? also offers many state-of-the-art tools, including ¿eX-whY?
eline, which can be used to efficiently, creatively, and cost-effectively design and conduct a custom research study with various Web-based and telecommunication solutions.
¿eX-whY? Services
¿eX-whY? performs custom qualitative research domestically and internationally, for corporations to gain insights from their target audiences about products and services. These insights are translated into deliverable solutions for:
Service providers • Dot-com companies • Advertising/PR • Venture Capital • Technology • Telecommunication • Social Groups • Faith Based Organizations • Education • Financial • Governmental affairs • Health care • Manufacturing • Training • Utilities • Politics • Banks • Churches • Co-op mailers • Fast Food franchises • Financial Institutions • Health Care Providers • Insurance Agencies • Public Utilities • Real Estate Agencies • Retail Chains • Newspapers • Services • Hotels/Restaurant • Retail • Small businesses(less than 100 employees) • Medium-sized businesses(100 to 1,000 employees) • Large businesses(more than 1,000 employees) • Non-profit organizations • B2B • Travel • Academic/Research
¿eX-whY? Philosophy
We have founded the company on the philosophy of providing the highest standards of advertising, marketing, promotion, polling, fundraising fulfillment, research professionalism, and quality service combined with the capabilities to execute any size project, internationally, as well as locally. At ¿eX-whY?, we are able to offer our clients these high standards and capabilities through a controlled growth approach to our business development. For services with consultation, execution, and analysis; against any segment, ¿eX-whY can deliver the excellence that you demand.
¿eX-whY? Values
Simply stated, ¿eX-whY? is committed to practicing these core values and principles in the 21st century to gain insights and deliver solutions for our corporate clients by:
** Offering unsurpassed quality
** Understanding objectives and needs
** Paying attention to details
** Honoring commitments and timelines
** Using candid, regular communication
** Listening, understanding, and treating everyone with respect
** Building and improving relationships
** Adding value beyond the scope of work
** Producing results that positively impact the bottom-line
** Developing insights that make a difference
** Generating findings and recommendations quickly
** Becoming a strategic partner in the pursuit of goals
** Delivering services at competitive fees
** Ensuring confidentiality
** Adhering to professional standards
effective results
¿eX-whY? focusing on our strategic plan for your business model, your business market and survey-based research, our information technology, web design services, web maintenance outsourcing, voice processing systems and services, direct postal mail, fax technology and services (traditional and Internet-based), virtual and in-house Intranets, video conferencing and local/long distance telephone services combine to specialize in providing data collection services and market research projects to grasp market trends and pinpoint opportunities that allow our clients to compare their practices, revenues and plans to those of their peers, and to track and exploit new ideas quickly.
By continually achieving these values, ¿eX-whY? fulfills it’s goal to serve by example in offering insights and delivering solutions. At the heart of these values is communicating, setting, managing, and fulfilling expectations. As we like to say, “success is the only option.”
For a complete list of our services and a free estimate for your project, please contact us at the phone number or email address above and please take advantage of our 10-20% discount off of any legitimate, certified offer from any competitors pricing for any service that we offer.
From a small remote village in Africa to the entire metropolis of Moscow, from the Iowa primary election to fundraising for your local non-profit group, we are able to communicate your message and procure the necessary response to reach your critical mass. -Critical Mass-: that point when the many all encompassing spheres of influence from the campaign totally eclipses the targeted market and converge to extract all the physical, psychological, moral, social, promotional and financial objectives of the campaign.
The reward to the benefactors of this effort are charitable donations, non profit and for profit organizations philanthropy, campaign contributions, investment prospectus solicitations, subscriptions, dues, memberships, with fundraising fulfillment for advocacy groups, PAC’s, associations, and private societies as well as invaluable exposure.
To ensure that “critical mass”, we perform these services required to provide the market research data you need to
successfully promote and market your candidacy, initiative, referendum, product or service, and to  measure:
public awareness of your name • public understanding of your mission • donor satisfaction • program success • advertising cost effectiveness • consumer and voter satisfaction • employee satisfaction • effectiveness of donated funds • advertising and editorial information • measure pass-along data • identify reader awareness • benchmarking • advertising audits • identify advertising image • measure audience • industry assessment • support membership efforts • support Issues-oriented studies • weigh response to new product direction • weigh need for new product direction • AD concept testing • AD strategy testing • Attitude and usage tracking • Brand positioning testing • Listenership studies • Name/trademark studies • New product testing • Packaging design studies • Product concept testing • Product improvement testing • Readership studies • Sales promotion testing • Test market tracking • reports on aspects of management • uses of the Internet in management • admissions • education • use of facilities • financial aid • service plans • cost containment efforts • information reports on law and management • studies on marketing practices • information studies • purchasing behavior • management practices • consumer trends • scientific, technical, legal, medical, corporate and academic studies • vendors/producers of content and content technology • usage and acquisition • budgets and expenditures • assessment practices • Customer satisfaction studies • Learn why your voters/customers defect by asking them • Learn why your voters/employees are loyal by asking them.
In the aggregate, Not-for-Profits, Independent Schools, Foundations, NGO’s, Research Institutes, Colleges and Universities, Media Outlets, Cultural Organizations, Human Services Organizations, Environmental Organizations, and like type Associations are 8% of the US economy or about $950 billion in annual fees, grants, donations, and investment earnings! Are you getting your share???
We are known for implementing innovative, diverse niche marketing campaigns for PR firms, advertising agencies, film companies, multimedia companies, record labels, magazines, and clothing companies while strengthening traditional media campaigns with non-traditional media, marketing, and methodology. We execute our duties with the highest grade of professionalism, dedication, and precision to insure that the client is overly  satisfied.
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