Harlem Renaissance Modernist Beauford Delaney, GREATEST Artist in African-American Art History

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Jalil with of his Rolls Royces
Jalil with 1 of his Rolls Royces
Beauford Delaney’s Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971

Beauford Delaney, Self-portrait, 1944. Photo: Estate of Beauford Delaney by permission of Derek L. Spratley, Esquire, Court Appointed Administrator; Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery LLC, New York, NY Beauford Delaney was an American Harlem Renaissance painter known for his colorful Modernist compositions and distinctive approach to figuration. One of the most important African-American artists of the early 20th century, he often painted New York street scenes, lively scenes in jazz clubs, and portraits of prominent black figures like James Baldwin and W.E.B. Du Bois. Can Fire in the Park (1946) is one of his most iconic images, movingly capturing a common occurrence in Depression-era New York life. In addition to his representational work, Delaney also painted abstractly, noting that “the abstraction, ostensibly, is simply for me the penetration of something that is more profound in many ways than the rigidity of a form,” he explained. “A form if it breaths some, if it has some enigma to it, it is also the enigma that is the abstract, I would think.” Born on December 30, 1901 in Knoxville, TN as one of 10 children, he worked as sign-post painter as a teenager before going on to study in Boston at the Massachusetts Normal School, the South Boston School of Art, and the Copley Society. After school, he moved to Harlem in New York, where he befriended fellow artists like Alfred Stieglitz, Stuart Davis, who introduced him to the work of Modernists like Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and others. He moved to Europe in 1953 but was unable to find the same success he had previously had in New York, and gradually succumbed to alcoholism and mental health problems before his death on March 26, 1979 in Paris, France. Today, Delaney’s works are in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, among others. Fame, at least lasting fame — the your-work-goes-down-in-history kind, often accompanied by fat royalty payments — is a club that thinks of itself as an unbiased meritocracy, blind to everything but aesthetic innovation and popular success. It’s never quite worked out that way. When we look at the past, we still see generations of great talents who never quite got their due critically or commercially, many of them left relatively unsung. In this ongoing series, our critics pick artists they feel remain underappreciated and tell their stories and sing their praises. “He is amazing … this Beauford,” the novelist Henry Miller wrote of his lifelong friend Beauford Delaney in a 1945 essay that helped make the painter (whom Miller called a “black monarch” capable of making “the great white world … grow smaller”) a legendary attraction in Greenwich Village. So much so that people often gathered outside Delaney’s building at 181 Greene Street, where he lived and worked on the top floor — a walk-up lit only by a wood-burning potbellied stove. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1901, Delaney migrated north to Boston in 1923 to study art, then moved to New York in November 1929, days after the onset of the Great Depression. That first day in New York, he slept on a Union Square bench, where someone stole his shoes. The next morning, he set out on foot, in newly bought shoes, to walk uptown to Harlem. When he reached Central Park, he stopped because of his severely blistered feet.

Abdul-Jalil Portrait by Beauford Delaney, in 1971. Portrait of Jean Genet in backgroud, top right, Kennedy right behind Jalil
Things had never been tougher for American artists — let alone black ones. Art schools didn’t take black artists, and independent-studio classes banned black artists from figure-drawing sessions with white models. Undaunted, Delaney began drawing at a midtown dance studio. Somehow, his career took off almost overnight. Four months after he arrived in New York, an article appeared in the New York Telegraph about portraits Delaney had done of dancers and society figures.

Beauford Delaney

Artist (1901–79) Currently, MoMA has 

“Composition 16”

(1954–56) on view, a glowing bioluminescent yellow abstraction kitty-corner across the gallery from that other (until recently) missing modernist, Hilma af Klint. Both are in the company of de Kooning, Kline, and the other giants of mid-century painting. He met and charmed everyone. A list of his friends and acquaintances includes Stuart Davis — his closest painter compatriot — W.E.B. Du Bois (whose portrait he did), Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Jacob Lawrence, Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O’Keeffe (who did a portrait of him), Edward Steichen, Dorothy Norman, Anaïs Nin (who intimidated him), Jackson Pollock, and Jean Genet. His closest lifelong friend, however, was James Baldwin — who, while fleeing a strict father at 16, looked up Delaney in the Village. He later called the artist his “principal witness.” Delaney was a kind of surrogate nurturing father to the writer. Judging by his 1941 Dark Rapture (James Baldwin), a steamy nude portrait of the 16-year-old writer (as well as from subsequent Baldwin portraits over the decades), Delaney seems to have been in love with the lithe young man 22 years his junior. In October 1938, more than a decade before Pollock graced the same pages, Life magazine featured Delaney, picturing him beatifically smiling at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. The caption read, “One of the most talented Negro painters.” Yet by the time he died in 1979, Delaney was alone, alcoholic, hallucinating, paranoid, and penniless in a Paris psychiatric hospital. What started as a great American story is now a near absence in the history of American art and an American Dream forestalled.

A 1941 portrait of James Baldwin by the artist Beauford Delaney. Photo: Beauford Delaney (1901–1979), Dark Rapture (James Baldwin), 1941, oil on Masonite, 34” x 28”, signed; © Estate of Beauford Delaney by permission of Derek L. Spratley, Esquire, Court Appointed Administrator; Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery LLC, New York, NY I love his work — especially his highly colored, optically intense, dense figurative paintings. He is almost an exact contemporary of, and the New York counterpart to, another great painter-portraitist, an artist who captured the power and magic of being poor stylishly, who lived on the margins but eventually came to be recognized as a visionary: Alice Neel. Delaney should be regarded as such as well. Through the 1930s and 1940s, while most American artists were either being fifth-rate Cubists, regionalists, or academics or desperately looking for ways around Picasso via Surrealism, Delaney made his own thoroughly contemporary way. In street and park scenes, still lifes, and portraits, he built upon the work of his good friend Davis, arriving at his own compact, flat fields of creamy, opaque color. His sense of visual, jigsawing geometry and strong, graphic distillation of structure is second only to Davis’s. Delaney’s work, however, has a much more human aura, atmosphere, and arc, almost to a mystical degree, seen only in Marsden Hartley. So why has Delaney been disappeared from collective memory? Partly, it is the racial bias of art history, which, among other things, meant that even while he was celebrated, it was less as a painterly equal to his contemporaries than as some kind of Negro seer or spiritual black Buddha. And in 1953, at the age of 51, Delaney left New York at perhaps the worst possible time. When other American artists, like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, John Cage, and Merce Cunningham, were meeting and staying up late together (many of them open and uncloseted in their sexuality), Delaney was in Paris, where Baldwin had told him he could escape the long American night of racism. Baldwin was right, but Delaney struggled with French and became even more isolated. Twombly, Baldwin, and Miller returned often to New York, while Delaney never did. So he never got to rejoin the conversation. By the 1960s, Delaney’s abstraction was more connected to the French Art Informel — a primarily European response to Abstract Expressionism — and his paintings, influenced as they were by Monet’s Water Lilies and Turner’s glowing color, had few of the ironic, systemic, direct qualities of Pop Art and minimalism. At a distance, Delaney’s work seemed passé — an artist painting in a void, outside the canon. *This article appears in the January 6, 2020, issue of New York Magazine. Beauford Delaney collection, Sc MG 59, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division, The New York Public Library Repository Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division Access to materials Some collections held by the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture are held off-site and must be requested in advance. Please check the collection records in

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Portrait de Jean Genet, Beauford Delaney, 1972
Beauford Delaney was a painter, specializing in portraits. The Beauford Delaney collection consists of correspondence with colleagues, friends, gallery owners, and family members, as well as printed material documenting Delaney’s life in Paris. BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL INFORMATION Beauford Delaney was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, the third child of the Reverend Samuel Delaney and Delia Johnson Delaney. He attended the Knoxville Colored School and later studied art with an elderly Knoxville artist, who encouraged him to get further training. In 1924 Delaney went to Boston where he studied at the Massachusetts Normal School and the South Boston School of Art, and attended evening classes at the Copley Society. Delaney went to New York in 1929, settling at first in Harlem. He painted society women and professional dancers at Billy Pierce’s dancing school on West 46th Street, which gained him a reputation as a portraitist. His first one-man show, which consisted of five pastels and ten charcoal drawings, was at the 135th Street Branch Library of the New York Public Library in 1930. During the same year three of his portraits were included in a group show at the Whitney Studio Galleries, the predecessor of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Delaney also taught part-time at a progressive school in Greenwich Village. By the late 1940s Beauford Delaney had become a significant figure on the art scene. He illustrated “Unsung Americans Sung” (1944), a book of black musical tributes edited by W.C. Handy; he had a series of one-man shows in New York and Washington, D.C.; and he exhibited in group shows in a number of other cities. In 1945 he showed his first series of portraits of writers Henry Miller and James Baldwin, who would become his lifelong friends. In 1949 he began an association with the Roko Gallery in New York, where he exhibited annually until 1953. In 1953 Delaney left New York with the intention of settling in Rome, but a visit to Paris turned into a permanent stay. He had two studios in Paris, the first in the suburbs of Clamart and the other in the Rue Vincingetorix. In Paris Delaney exhibited in one-man and group shows at the Gallerie Paul Fachetti (1960), the Centre Culturel Americain (1961 and 1972), the Galerie Lambert (1964), the Musee Galliera (1967) and the Galerie Darthea Speyer (1973), among other places. The latter was a major showing of a selection of his work from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s and the catalog contained tributes by James Jones, James Baldwin, and Georgia O’Keefe. Delaney also exhibited in England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. The Paris years saw the creation of several masterpieces including portraits of singer Marian Anderson and writer Jean Genet. During this period he also created a series of interiors and studies in watercolor. After suffering two nervous breakdowns, Delaney was institutionalized, and died on March 26, 1979 at St. Ann’s Hospital in Paris. Delaney’s last one-man show in the United States was at the Studio Museum in Harlem in 1978, inaugurating that museum’s Black Masters Series. Delaney’s work is in several private collections and in the collections of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The Studio Museum in Harlem, the Newark Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. SCOPE AND ARRANGEMENT The Beauford Delaney collection consists of correspondence with colleagues, friends, gallery owners, and family members, as well a printed material documenting Delaney’s life in Paris. Biographical information is provided in statements Delaney authored, articles prepared by others for catalogs, and his obituary. Among the many friends, colleagues and art collectors with whom he maintained an active correspondence is James Baldwin, who wrote an introduction to a catalog for an exhibition of Delaney’s art at Paris’ Galerie Lambert in 1964. Other correspondents include artists Charles Boggs, Al Hirschfeld, John Franklin Koenig, and Ellis Wilson, authors James Jones and Henry Miller (who was also a water colorist), art historian Richard A. Long, and his friend Lynn Stone. Additional artists, painters, writers, gallery owners and musicians who corresponded with Delaney include Lawrence Calcagno, Cab Calloway, Elaine DeKooning, Palmer C. Hayden, and Darthea Speyer. The letters discuss the style of painting of the correspondents, travels, purchase and exhibition of works, and personal matters. Numerous gallery announcements for art exhibits of Delaney’s and other artists’ works in Paris, New York and other cities demonstrate the extent of Delaney’s activities in the contemporary art world. The collection also contains a large number of picture postcards, some sent by friends, and gallery announcements. Family letters are from his brother and fellow artist, Joseph Delaney, and discuss his own work and impressions of Paris; his brother Emery (includes letters Delaney wrote to his brother, in addition to those received); and Delaney’s niece, Imogene.   Beauford Delaney

Jazz Banb 1963

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

All the Races, 1970

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Bernard Hassell, 1961

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Untitled: Abstract in Red, Blue, Yellow and…, 1956

Levis Fine Art

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Untitled, 1956

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Mother’s Portrait (aka Portrait of Delia…, 1964

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

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Composition, 1963

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Self-portrait, 1964

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Street Scene, 1968

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SANS TITRE – 1960, 1960

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Composition, 1962

Sale Date: December 13, 2019 Auction Closed SOURCE OF ACQUISITION Donated by Daniel Richard in 1988. PROCESSING INFORMATION Compiled by Victor N. Smythe, 1998. Finding aid edited and adapted to digital form by Kay Menick in 2016. Paintings and art catalogs transferred to Art and Artifact Division. Photographs transferred to Photographs and Prints Division. KEY TERMS NAMES SUBJECTS

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Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim Exemplifies Beauford Delaney’s Masterful Portraits

Beauford Delaney (1901-1979) “Portraitist of the Famous

“Perhaps I should say, flatly, what I believe–that he is a great painter, among the very greatest; but I do know that great art can only be created out of love, and that no greater lover has ever held a brush.”

James Baldwin (1924-1987), writer,
friend of artist Beauford Delaney

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971oil on canvas

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971

Beauford Delaney, hailed as the most important African-American artists of the 20th century, whose life appeared to symbolize the mythical artistic existence of privation and relative obscurity, that show a retrospective of “uninhibited colorist (though never an unintelligent one)” that is “apotheosized” and whose talent and “free, open and outgoing nature” engendered admiration from everyone whom was fortunate enough to encounter him as he was THE darling of the international culture scene in New York and Paris. James Baldwin called him his “spiritual father.”

Remembering THE Greatest artists of the 20th century, the ‘amazing and invariable’ Beauford Delaney, the “Portraitist of the Famous”, who’s masterpieces are trumpeted as cutting-edge work in Black aesthetics, stylistic evolution from representation to pure abstraction, with new and radical theories with his techniques and expression of the politics of Black arts, affording him his very own, singular serious stature among abstract expressionists, transforming the critical landscape into a growing interest in his creation of “Black Abstraction”!

For more than a decade, Delaney showed compelling, vibrant images of energetic life: produced engaging abstract works, portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light, powerful works of art and culture, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day.

The fascinating Beauford Delaney is a Modern artist who produced engaging portraits, landscapes, and abstractions celebrated for their brilliance and technical complexity with his dramatic stylistic shift from figurative compositions of New York life to abstract expressionist studies of color and light following his move to Paris in 1953, illuminate some of Delaney’s most innovative years and firmly place his work among the dominant art movements of the day! 

The career of Beauford Delaney (1901-79) was mainly working with Expressionism, Harlem Renaissance who’s first exhibition was New Names In American Art: Recent Contributions To Painting And Sculpture By Negro Artists at The Renaissance Society in Chicago, IL in 1944, and the most recent exhibition was Art Basel Miami Beach 2020 – online viewing only at Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL in 2020. Beauford Delaney is mostly exhibited in United States, but also had exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom and elsewhere. Delaney has 10 solo shows and 79 group shows over the last 76 years (for more information, see biography). Delaney has also been in 7 art fairs but in no biennials. The most important show was Beauford Delaney: From New York to Paris at Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, PA in 2005. Other important shows were at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, MN and The Studio Museum in Harlem in New York City, NY. Beauford Delaney has been exhibited with Norman Lewis and Romare Bearden. Beauford Delaney’s art is in 9 museum collections, at France at the Museum of Modern Art , École des Beaux-Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, NY and The Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, featured in Jet and Playboy magazines among others.

Beauford Delaney is ranked among the Top 10 globally, and in United States. Delaney’s best rank was in 1944, the artist’s rank has improved over the last 5 years, with the most dramatic change in 1992. 

Many of its prominent figures, who admiringly looked upon Delaney as their “Shaman” or “Yogi” and fondly referred to him as a “Black Buddha”, were described by his close friend, James Baldwin, as a “cross between Brer Rabbit and St. Francis of Assisi.” 

His list of friends and acquaintances including artists, World Leaders, politicians, activist, authors/poets/writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, promoted by numerous patrons of the arts, world Cultural Ambassadors, art gallery owners, befriended by notable figures, and musicians Stuart Davis — his closest painter compatriot — W.E.B. Du Bois (whose portrait he painted), Salvadore Dalí (whose portrait he painted), Countee Cullen, Louis Armstrong (whose portrait he painted), Duke Ellington (whose portrait he painted), Ethel Waters (whose portraits he painted), W.C. Handy (whose portrait he painted), Henry Miller (who wrote a tribute to him), John F. Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Robert Kennedy (whose portraits he painted), Jean-Claude Killy (whose portraits he painted), Herb Gentry, Alain Locke, Cy Twombly, Sterling Brown,  Langston Hughes, Georgia O’Keeffe (who drew charcoal and pastel portraits of Delaney in 1943), Augusta Savage, Stuart Davis, John Marin, Pablo Picasso (whose portrait he painted), Richard A. Long (whose portrait he painted), John Koenig (whose portrait he painted), and Claude McKay were connected to Paris in various ways. 

Also significant is the impact of jazz, as exemplified by the avante garde “free jazz” music explosion of Ornettte Coleman, Archie Shepp, Cecil Taylor, Frank Wright, Bobby Few, Bill Dixon, François Cotinaud, Sunny Murray, Barney Wilen, Globe Unity Orchestra, Andrew Hill, Dave Burrell, Anthony Braxton, Leroy Jenkins, Grachan Moncur III, Malachi Favors, Claude Delcloo, Beb Guérin, Kenneth Terroade, Bernard Vitet, Lester Bowie, Jerome Cooper, Joseph Jarman, Joachim Kühn, Steve Lacy, Roscoe Mitchell, Robin Kenyatta, Michel Portal, Irène Aebi, Ronnie Beer, Kent Carter, Dieter Gewissler, Oliver Johnson, Famoudou Don Moye, Alan Shorter, Bernard Vitet, Jouk Minor, Byard Lancaster, Kenneth Terroade, Paul Jeffrey, Ronnie Beer, Sonny Sharrock, Pharoah Sanders, Black Harold, Johnny Dyani, Gary Windo, Rene Augustus, Joseph Déjean, Beb Guérin, Claude Delcoo, Clifford Thornton, Wayne Shorter, Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra, François Tusques, Alan Silva and the Celestrial Communication Orchestra.

Luminaries Josephine Baker, Bob Blackburn, Ed Clark, Bob Thompson, Marian Anderson (whose portrait he painted), Jacob Lawrence, Ella Fitzgerald (whose portrait he painted), Zora Neale Hurston, Alfred Stieglitz, Carl Van Vechten, Edward Steichen, Dorothy Norman, Anaïs Nin, art studio owner Charles Alston, Jackson Pollock, Vassili Pikoula, Henri Chahine (whose portrait he painted), Charlie Parker (whose portrait and music he painted.), James Jones, Jean Genet, Lawrence Calcagno, Cab Calloway, Elaine DeKooning, Palmer C. Hayden (whose portrait he painted), art dealer Darthea Speyer (whose portrait he painted) who had exhibitions of Delaney’s art at Paris’ Galerie Lambert in 1964. Others include artists Charles Boggs, Al Hirschfeld, John Franklin Koenig, Harold Cousins, Herbert Gentry (whose portrait he painted), Ed Clark, and Ellis Wilson, authors James Jones and Henry Miller (who was also a water colorist), Writers Richard Wright, Surrealist poet Stanislas Rodanski, Chester Himes, Ralph Ellison, William Gardner Smith, Richard Gibson, Lorraine Hansberry, Ted Joans, art historian Richard A. Long, and his friend Lynn Stone.

Delaney became close friends with another influential visual artist, Lawrence Calcagno. A white, abstract landscape artist from Northern California, it was an unlikely pairing when the two met in Paris. Yet the two men grew to share a close artistic bond, tied by their shared belief in the spiritual nature of painting and abstraction. They also became close personal friends, writing hundreds of letters to each other over Delaney’s later years, after Calcagno left Paris to return to America. In these letters, Delaney is at his most vulnerable and open, as he felt with a kindred spirit.

His closest lifelong friend, however, was James Baldwin — who, while fleeing a strict father at 16, looked up Delaney in the Village. He later called the artist his “principal witness.” Delaney was a kind of surrogate nurturing father to the writer. Judging by his 1941 Dark Rapture (James Baldwin), a steamy nude portrait of the 16-year-old writer (as well as from subsequent Baldwin portraits over the decades), Delaney seems to have been in love with the lithe young man 22 years his junior.

Indeed, while Delaney had not intended to settle permanently in Europe, he quickly realized he had found there a more hospitable climate in which to pursue his craft. Asked about his experience as an expatriate he replied, “Expatriate? It appears to me that in order to be an expatriate one has to be, in some manner, driven from one’s fatherland, from one’s native land. When I left the United States during the 1950s no such condition was left behind. One must belong before one may then not belong. I belong here in Paris, I am able to realize myself here. I am no expatriate.”

While Paris had in some sense liberated Delaney, there were sorrows he could not escape. “There always seems to be the shadow,” Delaney wrote to a benefactor, “which follows the light.” Although he was referring to the financial difficulties that plagued him throughout his career, the artist could also have been talking about his struggles with mental illness, which manifested as psychotic breaks and ghostly voices in his head, resulting in his confinement to a mental hospital at the end of his life. While Delaney was a mentor to Baldwin during the author’s early years, Baldwin later became Delaney’s protector, assisting him financially and emotionally. For an introduction to an exhibition in Paris in 1964 Baldwin wrote, “Perhaps I am so struck by the light in Beauford’s paintings because he comes from darkness—as I do, as, in fact, we all do.” The vibrant luminosity of Composition 16 is but one example of Delaney’s lifelong quest to find light in that darkness.

Many felt him to be the “Dean of African American Artists Living in Europe.” Although he never fully wanted this distinction most of Delaney’s works were close to being classified as abstract art. Beauford Delaney died in Paris at age 78 on March 26, 1979.

Delaney lived and worked in Paris for many years and much of his work was neglected until a retrospective in 1978 at the Studio Museum in Harlem.  During his absence, the French government, in an effort to collect delinquent accounts, sealed off his apartment and prepared to auction off his products of nearly a forty year career.  Many of his works were stolen and some had to be recovered by European Intelligence, the CIA/FBI. Had the works been sold, dispersed throughout Europe, the neglect may have been irreversible.

The painter Beauford Delaney (Knoxville 1901-1979 Paris) was lost to history for a time. Yet in the mid-twentieth century, Delaney was considered an important artist of his generation.

Following his death, he was praised as a great and neglected painter but, with a few notable exceptions, the neglect continued.

A retrospective of his work at the Studio Museum in Harlem a year before his death did little to revive interest in his work. It was not until the 1988 exhibition Beauford Delaney: From Tennessee to Paris, curated by the French art dealer Philippe Briet at the Philippe Briet Gallery, that Delaney’s work was again exhibited in New York, followed by two retrospectives in the gallery: “Beauford Delaney: A Retrospective [50 Years of Light]” in 1991, and “Beauford Delaney: The New York Years [1929–1953]” in 1994.

Delaney disappeared from collective memory partly due to the racial bias of art history, which, among other things, meant that even while he was celebrated, it was less as a painter equal to his contemporaries than as some kind of Negro seer or spiritual black Buddha wherein he could not escape the long American night of racism. 

“Whatever Happened to Beauford Delaney?”, an article by Eleanor Heartney, appeared in Art in America in response to the 1994 exhibition asking why this once well regarded “artist’s artist” was now virtually unknown to the American art public. “What happened? Is this another case of an over-inflated reputation returning to its true level? Or was Delaney undone by changing fashions which rendered his work unpalatable to succeeding generations? Why did Beauford Delaney so completely disappear from American art history?” The author believed that Delaney’s disappearance from the consciousness of the New York art world was linked to “his move to Paris at a crucial moment in the consolidation of New York’s position as the world’s cultural capital and his work’s irrelevance to the history of American art as it was being written by critics” at the time. The article concludes, “Today [1994] as those histories unravel and are replaced by narratives with a more varied and colorful weave, artists like Delaney can be seen in a new light.”

In 1985 James Baldwin described the impact of Delaney on his life, saying he was “the first living proof, for me, that a black man could be an artist. In a warmer time, a less blasphemous place, he would have been recognized as my Master and I as his Pupil. He became, for me, an example of courage and integrity, humility and passion. An absolute integrity: I saw him shaken many times and I lived to see him broken but I never saw him bow.” Baldwin marveled over Delaney’s ability to emulate such light in his work despite the darkness he was surrounded by for the majority of his life. It is this insight of Delaney’s past, Baldwin believes, that serves as evidence for the true victory Delaney secured. Baldwin admired his keen ability to “lead the inner and the outer eye, directly and inexorably, to a new confrontation with reality.” He further wrote, “Perhaps I should not say, flatly, what I believe – that he is a great painter – among the very greatest; but I do know that great art can only be created out of love, and that no greater lover has ever held a brush.”

His work is sold in galleries for increasingly high prices, and his paintings hang prominently among modernist and postwar works in New York’s Museum of Modern Art [where his yellow Composition 16 (1954-56) was hung next to a work by Mark Rothko], the Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery (notably a portrait of Baldwin). The American artist Glenn Ligon curated a 2015 exhibition at the Tate Liverpool titled Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions” that featured two works by Delaney (one a portrait of Baldwin) and put Delaney in the company of the Abstract Expressionists, next to a picture by Franz Kline.

Because his estate has been largely closed to scholars to the present day, and because his reputation waned after his death, critical writing about Delaney is almost nonexistent, even with the flourishing of Baldwin studies across disciplines. 

The Studio Museum of Harlem broke ground with the first major posthumous exhibition of Delaney on US soil with Beauford Delaney: A Retrospective (1979) and included the full text of Baldwin’s previously published essay “Introduction to Exhibition of Beauford Delaney Opening December 4, 1964 at the Gallery Lambert.” There have been other exhibitions of Delaney’s work since 2000 that include Baldwin in minor ways and whose catalogues have provided most of the critical work done recently on Delaney to date: these include Beauford Delaney: Liquid Light: Paris Abstractions 1954-1970, organized by Michael Rosenfeld Gallery in 1999; Beauford Delaney’ at the Sert Gallery of the Harvard University Art Museums;  An Artistic Friendship: Beauford Delaney and Lawrence Calcagno at the Palmer Museum of Art at the Pennsylvania State University in 2001; The Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA; Beauford Delaney: The Color Yellow, organized by the High Museum of Art in 2002 and curated by Richard J. Powell, who contributed a groundbreaking essay about Delaney’s use of color; Beauford Delaney: New York to Paris (2005), organized by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, whose robust catalog features several scholarly essays mentioning James Baldwin; Beauford Delaney: Renaissance of Form and Vibration of Color (2016) at Montparnasse’s Reid Hall and sponsored by Wells International Foundation and Les Amis de Beauford Delaney, along with Columbia Global Centers/Reid Hall Exposition; and Gathering Light: Works by Beauford Delaney (2017) at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Tennessee. Aside from the catalogue essays from these and other exhibitions, the only monograph devoted to Delaney is the 1998 biography by David Leeming, Amazing Grace: A Life of Beauford Delaney (1998). Leeming outlines the broad arc of Delaney’s life and artistic development while emphasizing the contrast between the artist’s vibrant social life and troubled inner life that led to his institutionalization in the late 1970s. It is encouraging to see, however, that references to Delaney are now appearing in cutting-edge work on Black aesthetics, such as Fred Moten’s theoretical work, and in reconstructions of LGBTQIA arts.

While previous Delaney exhibitions and publications have almost exclusively emphasized Delaney’s stylistic evolution from the 1940s to the 1960s, from representation to pure abstraction, as a function of his move from New York to Paris and/or his worsening mental health, the proposed symposium will put Delany into conversation with new and radical theories about the techniques and politics of Black arts, affording him some of the first serious treatment by academic criticism to date. Because of Delaney’s stature among abstract expressionists, the project will contribute to a growing interest in the past ten years concerning “Black Abstraction” in the arts, as evidence by shows at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery (2014), the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston (2014), Pace Gallery (2016), Anita Shapolsky Gallery and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. (2018). It is time to bring Delaney also into the sphere of queer theory, new Black aesthetics, and new theories of Black care that are transforming the critical landscape in academe and in which Baldwin is now frequently found.

But his life ended very much like it began. Even after the fame and notoriety, he was still a poor, black man with many struggles. Just like his art, Delaney’s life was filled with light and darkness. Highs and lows.

If you were to picture a counter-image to help balance that perception in one person, you could hardly do better than Beauford Delaney. He was black, he was gay, he was unpredictable, he was charismatic. He was an intellectual, and he was an artist, in fact a wildly colorful, creative and unpredictable abstract expressionist. He was cosmopolitan, connected to the world beyond, and adored in Paris and New York, where his paintings, some of them famous and very expensive, have been exhibited, even recently. 

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, c.1971

oil on Canvas

25 1/2″ x 21 3/8″ / 64.8 x 54.3 cm 

signed verso with Beauford Delaney Estate stamp


Beauford Delaney, Paris, France

Estate of Beauford Delaney, Knoxville, TN

Dr. Ravindra Varma Dantuluri, Knoxville, TN

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery LLC, New York, NY


Beauford Delaney. Paris: Galerie Darthea Speyer, 1973. Exhibition catalogue.

Illustrated in black-and-white in a photograph with the artist in his studio, n.p.

Beauford Delaney: A Retrospective, The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY, April 9 – July 2, 1978;

Museum of National Center for Afro-American Artists, Dorchester, MA, October 8 – November 4, 1978

Illustrated in black-and-white in a photograph with the artist in his studio and listed on the checklist as no. 13, n.p. (titled Portrait of a Man)


Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim (c.1971) exemplifies Beauford Delaney’s masterful portraits in which he uses bold, contrasting color to express an arresting psychological and emotional likeness. With his signature yellow palette and expressive brushstroke, Delaney portrays his friend Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim.

Throughout his career, Beauford Delaney executed modernist and psychologically compelling portraits of friends,  acquaintances and patrons. Portraits of those he knew intimately, tended to be the most compelling and profound. Generally, Delaney’s portrait paintings tend to be modernist, melding representation with abstraction, sharing a strong affinity with the gestural luminous abstractions that dominated Delaney’s oeuvre after 1953. Even after Delaney evolved into an abstract expressionist painter upon his move to France in September 1953, he continued to paint portraits that were much more than straightforward depictions of his sitters. While the composition was defined by the subject, he executed modernist canvases defined by his relatively monochromatic fields of color and distinctive brushwork. Like Delaney’s landscapes, cityscapes and interiors of his Greene Street period of the 1940s and early 1950s, the faces, bodies and backgrounds of his portraits were vehicles for his personal language of abstraction. Art historian Richard J. Powell writes:

“In addition to his artistic commitment to abstraction, experimenting with painted surfaces in oil pigments, and delving into the visual effects and relational possibilities of color, Beauford Delaney was equally bound to an art of portraiture. The genre that first brought Delaney critical notice and a measure of success, portraiture exemplified his genuine love of people – all kinds of people – and his fascination with their outward appearances, personalities, minds, and auras. As seen in almost every early photograph of Delaney – whether in his crowded Greene Street studio or sitting alongside his work at the Annual Washington Square Art Fair – portraits largely defined his as an artist. Yet…portraiture was also a vehicle for sorting out an array of primarily visual issues: concerns of color and form that could easily be coupled with his painting a friend’s likeness or an esteemed individual’s spirit.”*2

Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim recalls meeting Beauford Delaney and sitting for his portrait in Paris in 1971, when al-Hakim was around twenty years old. al-Hakim was born Randy Wallace before converting to Islam and changing his name. 

Beauford Delaney and Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim with Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim (c.1971), Jean Genet with Jean Genet in the upper right and Bobby Kennedy a little lower behind my left shoulder. Above Portrait is his “Little Totem of Light”, ca. 1966

Beauford Delaney and Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim with Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim (c.1971), 1971

Curator Patricia Sue Canterbury writes of Delaney’s portraits of the 1960s:

“Delaney’s portraiture during the 1960s, although often regarded as a departure from the artist’s abstract explorations of light, was actually an extension of the same. As he had reassured viewers at the opening of his solo show at the Galerie Lambert in late 1964, abstraction and portraiture ‘were studies in light revealed – the light that have meaning to the individuals depicted…and the light considered directly as contained…in the abstract paintings.’ As the decade progressed, however, it is clear that any boundaries perceived between the two became increasingly blurred. Solid forms within the portraits dematerialized and the subject and the enveloping atmosphere seemingly shared the same atomic structure.”*2

Powell writes of Delaney’s use of a yellow palette:

“Delaney’s artistic preoccupation with the color yellow is governed by its capacity to illuminate a world in which poverty, inhumanity, lovelessness, mediocrity, and darkness threaten his soul and being. No stranger to assaults on the body and psyche, Delaney sought in his work and throughout his entire life to experience that state of perfect bliss in nature and society, to reach that nearly unattainable note or apogee of emotional discernment in the arts, and to know that ecstatic feeling of an ‘excessive and deliberate joy’ in life. Oddly enough, by placing himself and his audience in his dense and luxurious yellow zone, he realized these grand ambitions.”*3

Beauford Delaney in his studio and Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim (c.1971) can be seen above Delaney

Photograph of Beauford Delaney in his studio as reproduced in the catalogue for the exhibition Beauford Delaney, Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris, France, February 6 – March 2, 1973; Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim (c.1971) can be seen above Delaney to the right

Portraits by Beauford Delaney are in numerous museum collections including:

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL;

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA;

Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA;

Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI;

Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, TN;

Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester, NY;

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY;

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY;

The National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC;

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA;

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA;

SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA;

The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY; 

Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN;

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA;

Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC;

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY;

Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA.


  *1-Richard J. Powell, “The Color of Ecstasy,” Beauford Delaney: The Color Yellow (Atlanta: The High Museum of Art, 2002), 20-21

 *2-Patricia Sue Canterbury, “Transatlantic Transformations: Beauford Delaney in Paris,” Beauford Delaney: From New York To Paris exh. cat. (Minneapolis: Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2004), 65

 *3-Powell, 29-30 Powell, 29-30

Oaklanders Honored for Work In Haiti, Free Logo Design and Business Strategic Plan; YOUR Free Food Program; Entertainment Jobs Feb. 2012- March 2012

Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation
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Portrait of Abdul-Jalil by Artist Buford Delaney in Paris, France

Award for “Distinguished Marketing and Promotional Services” from NFL Super Bowl NFL Experience,
Founder of BLACK EXPO shown with Olympic Sprinter John Carlos , Hip Hop’s Islamic Influence, 1979 National BALSA Conference , Dellums for Mayor, Hip Hop’s Islamic Influence, 1979 National BALSA ConferenceOakland Police Officers Arrested for Computer Store Burglaries, Police Found Guilty in Burglaries, Police Officers Sentenced for Burglaries,

You can click on any highlighted word to view or download that item
    Abdul-Jalil and crew were nominated for an EMMY with “OUT. The Glenn Burke Story”, and although they did not win it, they have already won several major honors for it and expect more.


1unknownname    Dr. Kenya Numan and her organization “Stepping Together” as well as Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim and “The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation” were recently honored in Miami, Florida and Port Au Prince, Haiti in July 2011 for the Relief Missions that they have sent to Haiti since the earthquake. The incomparable Dr. Numan has served in the  Gulf War and was a top level surgeon on the front line addressing the needs on the U.S. soldiers where word of her superior talents spread throughout the region such that even the opposition sought her out when they were detained. She has served the needs of many around the world in Africa, South and Central America, and here in the U. S.

    A very special “Thanks” to all that have supported our efforts over the years!

On August 25, 2010 Abdul-Jalil received the letter shown below of “Thanks” from Arch Bishop Joel Jeune of Grace Village in Haiti for the Relief Mission they received from the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation with Stepping Together on behalf of The World Conference of Mayors (WCM- 18,000 Political Leaders and Dignitaries from around the world) and The National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM). This is a tangible reality of SUCCESS in Haiti for ALL the members of the organizations world-wide rather than the many idle cocktail party rants and raves of projects that exist without any substance behind them. THEY DID IT! ALL the members of the World Conference of Mayors can celebrate their success and acknowledge their contribution.
They are now moving forward in a meaningful way to secure financial, subsistence, construction and medical aid and support for the next mission which will take place as soon as we can unite to raise the necessary items just mentioned. They can tap into the resources of the USAIDS and the National Medical Association to make great progress in securing bi-weekly missions to various needed areas around the World!
They are committed and prepared to work with the WCM and NCBM organizations to raise funds, provide support and organize continued relief efforts for financial donations, to deliver much needed medical support and supplies; food; clothing; educational materials; construction support and building materials; much needed personal items; and legal assistance for displaced children from orphanages that were given transportation and temporary housing in the United States with other families, churches, and organizations until homes have been rebuilt to house them. Where most relief efforts are limited, if not stopped altogether by current travel restrictions in, within, and out of Haiti, The World Conference of Mayors has some political cache that it can exercise to further achieve our united goals globally. This could be the first step toward fulfilling several of their conversations of thier organizations providing relief support to WCM and NCBM efforts globally.
Additionally, in relations to their working together on relief missions here in America and globally, Abdul-Jalil is exploring the possibility of a telethon, perhaps with J. C. Watts “Black Television News Channel” (BTNC). To that end the WCM is prepared to provide it’s full support to his and their joint efforts to overcome the continual need for financial assistance to achieve their goals. These fundraising efforts include the proposed telethon as a measure to not only raise funds but to raise awareness for the causes as well. Now they are moving forward with these joint and several fundraising efforts with a goal of working together on projects of mutual interest and support in a spirit of oneness.
Again, there is much work to do and the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation with Stepping Together are committed and prepared to work with WCM and NCBM organizations to raise funds and organize continued relief efforts to provide assistance to countries around the world, especially Africa, the Caribbean and South/Central America.

Page One of Letter


Page Two of Letter


Oakland City Attorney
Resigns! FORCED OUT!!! Can’t Dodge Fraud, Corruption Charges!

The Occupy Movement that has swept America and the world, had it’s Occupy Oakland beginnings with the revelation of irrefutable evidence of the mass fraud and corruption of the Oakland City Attorney, Oakland Police Department, Alameda County District Attorney, Alameda County Superior Court, California State Appeals Court and California Supreme Court in an action to deny justice and cover up that denial of justice in the 20 year case of Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim vs CSAA, Rescue, et al.

The unrest caused by the exposure of the criminal actions of these law enforcement, legal and judicial individuals/bodies in this matter implored others to investigate the ongoing case revealing even more rampant corruption that has dramatically portrayed the sullied, sordid underbelly culture of corruption that Oakland and Alameda County has long been known for! This pattern continued even through the Oscar Grant murder debacle but lead to the people of the Oakland East Bay Area and beyond, standing up to that corruption and saying “NO MORE!!!”.
The cry at ALL the Occupy events world-wide are echoing the frustration felt by the people of the East Bay Area, “We are ALL Oscar Grant!!” and most are reacting in solidarity and union with those whom have voiced their opinions with their frustrations in a varied manner of ways. The world witnessed as Oakland revolted and burned with the that cry and now the whole world is chanting the same tune and following Oakland lead as it did in the 1960-70’s re-evolution!
    The Minority and Occupy Communities ( #occupyoakland #OWS) are evaluating the elected officials, want-to-be-leaders, clergy and so-called power brokers that do not represent their interest, yet claim to bargain and speak for them! How can these self-perceived “influence peddlers” bargain away the rights and interests of people they do not talk to, know nor represent?
African-American youth, the overall Minority Youth Community with the Occupyers ( #occupyoakland #OWS) know these carpet baggers and their “bagmen” are sellouts and represent BIG BUSINESS INTEREST- the Developers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and maintaining the status quo! The Minority Youth Community with the Occupyers proclaim widely and loudly that they ARE NOT the constituents of these turncoats that disavow their very own ethnic orientation because they acknowledge that being Black in America is to be considered worthless and disposable!

One of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s problems is her depending on the advice of Uncle Toms Sandre Swanson, and Keith Carson; while fighting bootlicking-backstabbing Larry Reid
and Ignacio DeLaFuente; assumming theres some influence of want-to-be-leaders, clergy and so-called power brokers to move the concerned disenfranchised; with double crooked duplicitous Dan Siegle! (More coming on this cast of characters)

Oakland City Councilmen
Larry Reid and Ignacio DeLaFuente have given away many, many millions of dollars in valuable Real Estate to their developer partners! From 14th Ave to 106th Ave and down from MacArthur Blvd. to the Bay. Councilmen Reid and DeLaFuente are owned and controlled by developers! That’s why they constantly connive so shamelessly for the Civil Gang Injunctions and curfews, with EVERY act of difference they are in the media spinning it as an example of serious crime that could be eliminated with the injunction/curfew. Reid has gone on air and repeatedly tried to trivialize and void the entire good of some lives by claiming their life was somehow lost to or compromised by gang related violence that could have been avoided by the injunction/curfew by pushes for his disposed partner in crime, former City Attorney John Russo. Many families resenting that media manipulation with on air to publicly denounce Reid’s developers serving claims!
Reid was served with a complaint against his partner Russo and refused to investigate it, but rather chose to cover it up. Not so oddly enough, that was the same stance taken by Sandre Swanson, Keith Carson and District Attorney Nancy O’Malley. Who are they protecting and why? Carson has made himself a witness in this case my the admissions made by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley to him regarding the incident where she had al-Hakim removed from the D. A.’s office while sitting alone in the lobby waiting for a meeting!
The real reason the Reid Gang wants the injunction/curfews are because they are law enforcement and real estate developers dream tools for gentrifying the inner-city and administratively taking land from the poor! Not so unfortunately, an analyst last week revealed that the North Oakland Gang Injunction HAS FAILED to reduce crime in any way, yet in has enriched the police department with over $12 million while the Oakland Police Department has FAILED to comply with the Federal Mandate to meet MINIMUM agreed upon standards to fight corruption! This failure is one of the presumed reasons for Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts resigning. One question being asked now is did Mayor Ron Dellums or City Attorney John Russo investigate the many alleged charges of abuse against former Oakland Police Department Chief Anthony Batts before they hired him and was that a factor in his resigning?

Watch video of al-Hakim and http://Nowtruth.org exposed California & Alameda County Superior Court Corruption
Watch video of al-Hakim and http://Nowtruth.org exposed Oakland City Attorney John Russo Gave Case File To Stephan Barber and Law Firm Ropers Majeski, didn’t Tell Court

Watch video of al-Hakim and http://Nowtruth.org forced Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide- Must Resign
Watch video of al-Hakim and http://Nowtruth.org exposing Judge Jon Tigar’s appointment to his judicial post was through Nepotism and Cronyism

Listen to voicemail from Deputy District Attorney
Kevin Dunleavy exposing continued Corruption and Fraud by District Attorney Nancy O’Malley as he had victim al-Hakim removed from Courthouse Building while al-Hakim was waiting for a meeting with him! O’Malley further ordered al-Hakim to NEVER return to the courthouse under the threat of arrest by D. A. Bob Conner, someone known to al-Hakim to have tried to place al-Hakim in a life threatening situation that resulted in the only conviction of police officers crimes committed while on duty! She made this order without any legal proceeding, court order nor cause in her effort to prompt a conflict of interest charge to avoid having to investigate and prosecute the complaint and evidence by al-Hakim that establishes the admitted fraud committed by the D.A.’s office for over 20 years!

Listen to Maggie Takeda voicemail exposing Presiding Judge Jon Rolfenson losing/throwing away the formal Corruption Fraud Complaint!

Watch video of al-Hakim and exposed Govenor Jerry Brown Covering for Judges, DA, City Attorney’s from Oakland and San Leandro that he was suppose to Investigate 4 Fraud! Watch the story with video and documents at:

Unlike the late, great Gil Scott-Herron said, you can watch the OCCUPY RE-EVOLUTION from the comfort of your home or away on our 24/7 live television feed from OCCUPY OAKLAND and the other OCCUPY Movements around the world on the Nowtruth.org website here:

Crooked former Oakland City Attorney John Russo was forced to resign from a constant three year barrage of fact laden reports of fraud and corruption by Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, has been appointed the Alameda city manager position sources have confirmed. You can view the 2009 video of former Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide- Must Resign at:

al-Hakim has over 87,000 signatures and implores everyone to click on any one of the links and sign the Petition To The Honorables President Barack Obama and United States Attorney General Eric Holder to raise it’s investigation of corruption involving then Attorney General Jerry Brown, Oakland City Attorney John Russo, former Oakland and current San Leandro City Attorney Jayne Williams, former District Attorney Tom Orloff, and current District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley.





From the great success that we have had with our Free Food Programs established in the 1950’s by my Parents, Aaron and Margaret Wallace, we have since been instrumental in the founding and supplying of other free food service organizations around the country.
With the demand for our help in creating these organizations being driven by the skyrocketing need for the services, we have decided to open up our efforts to all interested in starting a food pantry for the needy.
We can provide access to the training necessary to qualify your organization and partner you with the local organizations and businesses that can support your efforts. Contact us and we will help you through the RED TAPE and push your program to success!
Here’s some new videos for the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Social Services Programs. The first is the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Free Food Program Celebrity Giving Back

The second one is Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation Kids Celebrity Gift BackPacks.

You can view the following Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation, SemiFreddi’s, Trader Joe’s, Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Marshawn Lynch’s “Fam1ly F1rst” and Leon Powe’s “Fresh Start Oakland”:
Santa Fe Elementary School’s Peace March with Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation

Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 1

Santa Fe Elementary Little Caesars Pizza Part 2

You can listen to or download many of the Public Service Announcements for our partners that were broadcast over national radio on the page “A& MWF Supports Inter-Faith Multi-Cultural Events” at: http://amwftrust.org/a-mwf-supports-inter-faith-multi-cultural-events/. We have provided and we have produced videos from some of them as well.  We will do one for any of our partners that work with us.

Will YOU support those in need with your secure Paypal donation?


Alameda County Community Food Bank!

The Alameda County Community Food Bank is looking for new member agencies that will provide food bags and/or hot meals to Alameda County community members year-round.
We are especially interested in new member agencies that are:

  • Open during high-need times of afternoon, evening, and/or weekend hours
  • Serving clients in high-need areas of:
    • Downtown Oakland/Chinatown (94612 zip code)
    • West Oakland (94607 zip code)
    • East Oakland-Eastlake area (94606 zip code)
    • East Oakland- Elmhurst area (94603 zip code)
    • East Oakland- Fruitvale area (94601 zip code)
    • San Leandro & San Lorenzo area
    • Tri-Cities area (Fremont, Newark, Union City)

Benefits of Membership
Membership gives your agency:

  1. Free & low-cost food (including free farm-fresh produce)
  2. Free trainings & skill-building sessions
  3. Opportunities to apply for grants to increase agency capacity
  4. Access to free nutritional education services, Food Stamp (CalFresh) outreach services, and the emergency food referral Helpline

To become a Member Agency, your organization must:

  • Be a non-profit, charitable organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. (Other 501c organizations, such as 501c5, do not qualify).
  • Operate an emergency food program, such as a food pantry, hot meal program/soup kitchen, or emergency shelter that is open to walk-in clients.*
  • Distribute food regularly for at least 3 months prior to applying for membership.
  • Provide food directly to individuals and families in need. At least 51% of your clients must be low-income.
  • Distribute Food Bank food at no charge. Your agency may not ask for donations from clients for food.
  • Not require clients to work or to attend any religious activities in exchange for food or meals.
  • Be willing to follow Food Bank regulations such as (but not limited to) submitting monthly food distribution reports and taking food safety training once per year.

* Please note: The Food Bank is not accepting new non-emergency programs at this time. Non-emergency programs include day care sites, afterschool programs, rehabilitation centers, treatment centers, and residential programs.

New Member Agency Application Process:

Contact the Food Bank’’s Agency Services staff to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership. You can email us at agency (at) accfb.org or call us at 510-635-3663ext. 365.

Agency Services staff will work with you to determine your eligibility

Attend a series of 2 trainings. At least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency must attend EACH of the trainings. We welcome (and highly encourage) agencies to bring more than 2 staff/volunteers to attend each training.

      • Note: The last round of training dates for 2011 has already passed. The next round of training dates will be sometime in January – March 2012. Please contact us to let us know about your interest in Food Bank membership so that we can contact you when these dates have been scheduled.

Submit a New Member Agency Application. Applications can only be submitted after at least 2 staff/volunteers from your agency have completed all 2 trainings.
Complete a successful site visit at your agency. Food Bank Agency Services staff will visit your site to see your program, facilities, and review food safety policies.
Applications will be reviewed by the Agency Relations Committee. The Agency Relations Committee, a Food Bank board committee of staff and volunteers from current member agencies, will review and select member agencies eligible to join the Food Bank. Decisions are usually made within 6-8 weeks from the training dates.

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The Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation(A&MWF) is a non-denominational, multi-cultural,100% volunteer financed and operated relief organization that provides FREE food, medicine, clothing, educational and employment opportunities, mental and physical health referrals, legal aid, shelter and other necessities to individuals, children, families, and organizations who lack these essentials for any reason. We provide private school and college admissions educational opportunities; assists with referrals for job training and placement; rental assistance; social services assistance; homelessness assistance; mental and physical health assistance; medical assistance and legal aid assistance referrals FREE for ANYONE whom has the need at the Aaron & Margaret Wallace Foundation website.Providing The Necessities For Success In Life
A&MWF, a public services organization based on GIVING AND SHARING, has created a 100% volunteer self-operated, self-supported, self financed model defined by developing the marketplace of a network that features high-performing results in the invaluable areas of: youth development; elementary, secondary and college education; poverty alleviation; mental and physical health medical services; social services, as well as other economic-empowerment programs for individuals, families; and small businesses.
A&MWF delivers food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to over 4,000 individuals- children, families, and organizations per month who lack these essentials and is pioneering a new trend, as government and community funds grapple with the recession and the challenges of raising funds, WE have forged an awareness and sustained an effort to connect those in dire need with service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups with these causes. We have taken community foundations and moved into social networking, reaching beyond static “bricks and mortar” to interactive Web sites to serve as a dynamic virtual clearinghouses or “town square” that holds conversations between those in NEED and their local charities, citizens, donors, and volunteers.
A&MWF has made it easy and effortless for service providers, donors, volunteers and nonprofit groups to connect with those in NEED, as we have received more individuals needs profiles submitted on this site. The profiles include their contact information, information about their needs, desired solutions, pleas for their need satisfaction, and a listing of opportunities to achieve their solution. We also have profiles submitted of individuals as prospective donors or volunteers, include information about the causes that interest them.
If you or someone that you know needs Quality of Life Aid, PLEASE fill out the form below so that we can determine the best way to assist them.
Anyone can register at http://AMWFTRUST.ORG by submitting an online request form in a strictly confidential submission and they can also feel free to call the number (510) 394-4101 as well.
    WE are trying to end this travesty by helping and giving for their change of life circumstances! Can YOU help Us help THEM?

¿eX-whY AdVentures?

There are some good entertainment industry job listings below and on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at http://eX-whY.com!
We have a HipHop Ad Agency specializing in advertising, strategic planning, promotions and marketing targeting the hard to reach, but extremely lucrative, X-Y and Baby Boomer generations urban and suburban markets using Hip Hop culture, it’s sound, it’s fashion, it’s speak, it’s bravado, it’s image, it’s way, as the vehicle. We have registered the services of Hip Hop, Rap and RB’s elite artists, producers, directors, writers, choreographers, dancers, graff artist, B-boys, photographers, actors, models, and professional athletes to participate in this ¿eX-whY AdVentures?. We are producing commercial ads from concept, to creation, to production, to placement in media, – the entire process-, while owning our product!!!
We custom design, write, direct, produce, perform and provide all talent for the motion picture or television project, stage play, entertainment event, commercial ads, film trailers, soundtracks, the jingle, voice overs, and all promotions associated with the product.
We are developing jobs for actors, producers, directors, casting directors, and writers in the entertainment, commercial advertisement, stage, film and television fields.
To that end , our management agency would like you to provide us with a list of your castings calls that might fit this description for consideration in placement for jobs that you have.
We would be interested in any roles for anyone of our 10,000 Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Celebrity, Musicians, and Actors direct email recipients; our over 270,000 list members; and our over 21 million total readers of the publications we submit to.
As you can tell from our roster of talent, our Casting Division has a unique advantage in all forms of casting. With the growing popularity of ‘film and music video-style’ products, we have found that directors and producers value our ability to call in seasoned, serious talent from the film and television industries to add depth and quality to performances in stage, film, television and commercials.
More than two decades of feature film, television and commercial casting experience has provided us with strong relationships with agents, managers and talent which helps us to find the necessary talent to create innovative, creative and one-of-a-kind artistic product.
We can send Photos, Bios, videos, Comp Cards, CV with samples of work and salary requirements, where necessary. We are members of the Casting Society of America (C.S.A.), Independent Film Producers (I.F.P.), Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) to list a few.
There are some good entertainment industry job listings on the “Casting Page” with Executive jobs in Sports and Entertainment with casting calls, auditions, and internships on the front page at http://eX-whY.com!


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We are offering FREE LISTENING OR DOWNLOADS of our iTunes and podcast of Entertainment Law, “The Art of Reppin Pro Athletes & Entertainers”and “Hip Hop & Spread of Islam” at:
iTunes at:  http://tinyurl.com/m5gyqw
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We Provide and Share opportunities in the Sports and Entertainment Worlds
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* Drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts for professional athletes; entertainers, artists, recording; producing; motion picture, television, radio and video; performing and touring; booking; publishing; royalties, copyrights and trademarks; distribution; merchandising; interactive multimedia and the internet; synchronization licenses; mechanical licenses; and publishing clearances;
* Casting opportunities,product endorsements, commercial ads, corporate sponsorships, personal appearances, acting, event production, job placement, branding, funding support, training, event planning and promotion, film and TV production, recording, publishing, concert promotion, talent management, and merchandising. Selling of sports, television, radio, motion picture, and advertising products as well as multimedia, music recording and literary publishing;
* Contract negotiations, arbitrations, salary grievances, booking, production, management, recording, publishing, distribution, merchandising, licensing, to representation in copyright matters, royalty disputes, and an array of sports and entertainment issues and problems, with an emphasis on the sports and music industry;
* Provide special services to Rookies, Free Agents, Wavered players, and established Veterans by actively promoting and marketing your interest to the teams, securing try outs and contracts, while giving supplemental reports to selected teams to aid in your quest to get the big dollar contract. For every player, we secure alternate contracts with foreign teams in Canada, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Africa, the Islands, as well as other American teams here. We secure contracts for try outs, tours, tournaments and leagues, in addition to employment referrals and aid in furthering your education. For those that do not make it in the United States the first time, we reorient you back into the U.S. pro sports industry with updated film, scouting reports, and information we release to all the pro teams on your progress, statistics, performances, and availability while acquiring new opportunities for you. There is absolutely no other agency or attorney that can do this for you. Just ask them. But….
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* Programs that offer several Plans specially designed to fit your needs by providing you with expert advisers to ascertain your clients complete financial security. We provide the best professional advisers to negotiate you or your clients contract and advise you as to the length, the amount of money, the bonuses, incentives, and options in the contract. We have attorneys to procure all your legal needs, certified public accountants for your tax planning, financiers for your investment portfolio, insurance, and estate planning. Additionally we provide personal artist managers to enhance your commercial advertisement, product endorsement, and motion picture appeal. Subscribe to Superstars Network here.

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We are members of the Casting Society of America (CSA), Independent Film Producers (IFP), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), Producers Guild of America (PGA), and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)

Thanks, and don’t forget to check out our website at:

(510) 394-4601

February 2012- March 2012-New Job Listings

Beverly Hills based modeling agency is seeking a theatrical talent agent to cross-over models into film & television. Ideal candidates should have a minimum of two years’ experience as a talent agent or manager.  Looking for someone to start immediately.  Please include your resume and cover letter.  nousagent@gmail.com
Screen Actors Guild-LA seeks a Manager, Industry Relations. The position will aid in and engage in managing and providing essential research, forecasting, and the development and management of Industry relationships as it relates to the creation of opportunities and organizing efforts on behalf of SAG members. Minimum 3-5 years entertainment/industry experience required. $52,200 starting salary. Equal Opportunity Employer. For consideration please email resume with salary requirements to jobs@sag.org
United Talent Agency (UTA) seeks qualified candidates for its agent trainee program. Previous industry experience and bachelors degree required. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, have excellent communication and organizational skills and a desire to learn the business of talent representation. This is a very demanding environment with excellent opportunities to work in Film, Television, Music, New Media and Entertainment Marketing. Proficiency with Microsoft Office software is mandatory. Compensation includes overtime and full benefits. References required. www.unitedtalent.com for more information. Fax cover letter & resume to (310) 247-1111 or email to HR@unitedtalent.com. Attn: Human Resources. No calls.
Production Controller desired to oversee the production finance function for an independent studio.  Candidates must possess strong analytical skills to identify potential risks and/or oversights in budgeting, cash planning and estimating.  Must have a broad skillset for and be willing to have ownership of a broad spectrum of tasks and functions and require minimal to no oversight or follow up.  Prior experience with film bond companies a plus.  Position will oversee internal post production accounting and financial reporting as well as work in partnership with the Physical Production department. Please submit resume, cover letter, and salary history to productioncontroller3@gmail.com
Talent management and development company seeks assistant to President & VP with strong interest in management. Previous experience required. Must have a great phone presence and communication skills. Job responsibilities include but are not limited to: phones, scheduling, office management, client submissions, research, booking travel, script coverage, etc. Will be working with A-List actors. Includes some personal duties. Please email  with your cover letter in the body of the email and your resume as an attachment to asstjob9200@gmail.com
Film Engine seeks a driven, detail-oriented assistant to CEO  of the company.  Position supports busy producer with script coverage, submitting projects, managing schedules, and general assistant duties.  Candidates should have prior assistant experience to be considered.  Send resume and cover letter to info@filmenginela.com with Producer Assistant in subject line.
GRB Entertainment is looking for a highly-organized Assistant for two Development Executives.  Must have at least 1 year on entertainment industry desk, be highly proficient with phone systems, travel booking and Microsoft Office.  Responsibilities include rolling calls, scheduling, booking travel, creating presentation materials and overseeing interns.  Ideal candidate is a born multi-tasker with strong interests in unscripted television; detail-oriented, confident, motivated, personable. Please send resume and cover letter to Jobs@grbtv.com
Busy, growing production company seeks an experienced assistant with interest in unscripted television development. Candidate must have excellent communication and computer skills and must be detail-oriented, extremely organized and driven. Responsibilities include heavy phones, scheduling, filing, creative grid upkeep, etc. Send resume to tvasstresume@gmail.com    2/24
Talent agency is seeking an assistant to the President and Head of Celebrity Endorsement and Licensing. Candidate should be motivated, resourceful and have excellent communication and organizational skills. Ideal candidate should be an industrious self-starter with a can- do attitude and strong desire to be an agent. Attention to detail a must. Apply only if you have prior industry desk experience. Email your cover letter and resumes to bkline@iaala.com
Commercial Production company seeks assistant to its President.  Looking for someone with at least 1-year industry experience, preferably at an agency.  Responsibilities include phones, coordinating schedules, accounting, research, overseeing the website, working with FTP sites, and maintaining a database for a busy production department with a large roster of directors.   Tech savvy and knowledge of Keynote or InDesign are a plus. Please send resume to Production5000@gmail.com  with Commercial Assistant in the subject line.
Exec Asst to Head of Major Studio. Min 10 years exp in an EA role for an A Level Exec. Must have impeccable calendar skills & be extremely savvy. Ent exp required. Some personal – liaison with house staff.  Excellent gatekeeper, think 3 steps ahead. College degree required. $80k. Resumes to: jobs@thehelpcompany.com
Established management/production company with A-list literary and talent clients is looking for a new assistant ASAP for a talent manager.  At least one year management/agency experience preferred, and for the right candidate with more experience this can be a great opportunity to work in a “Junior Manager” type capacity. Also a plus if you are mac proficient.  Email resumes to talentassistant705@gmail.com
Well-established Entertainment Company seeking full-time Executive Assistant to support CEO. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree with minimum 2-years’ experience at major agency, production company or studio. Responsibilities include scheduling, travel coordination and phones/emails. Must be detail-oriented, motivated to excel and have ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Exceptional written and oral communication skills required. Email confidential Resume and Cover Letter to cdhr01@gmail.com
A-List production/finance company Perfect Storm Entertainment seeks a stellar creative assistant for two busy executives. Candidates should be able to multi-task, prioritize, and handle two busy desks. Tasks include heavy phones, booking travel, scheduling meetings, handling submissions, reading etc. There’s definitely room for growth. Prior industry experiences necessary, agency experience preferred. Resumes and cover letters to: perfectstormassistant@gmail.com
Talent Management company is looking for a Junior Manager. Minimum two years industry experience required. Candidate should be detail-oriented, with solid computer knowledge and excellent communication, organizational and multi-tasking abilities. Basic knowledge of industry leaders and executives is important. Must work well under pressure in a fast paced environment. Duties include day to day management of actors and musicians. Background in the music industry is a plus. Please only apply if you currently live in Los Angeles. Please send resumes to: Podwallentertainmentjob@gmail.com
Seeking Executive Assistant to Partner at a busy & growing Management/Production company. Job responsibilities include maintaining clients schedules & appointments, answering phones/rolling calls, script coverage, submitting clients for projects, booking travel, and maintaining busy calendar. For the right candidate this is an excellent opportunity for growth within company. Strong experience is key — Candidates should have at least 1 year agency or management experience. Must be reliable, thick skinned, punctual, work well under pressure & multitask. Please send resumes to Liza@theschiffco.com
Management Company seeks qualified assistant to work for extremely busy partner of talent manager.  Must have strong knowledge of film and television. Candidates must have at least 1 year experience at an agency or management company, and please do not apply if not. Duties include rolling calls, heavy scheduling, heavy travel, submitting Breakdowns/letter submissions, and maintaining a general sense of order in clients’ and manager’s lives. 1 year commitment required. This is entry level assistant pay and benefits after 3 months. Please send resumes to untitledent@yahoo.com
Management Company seeks a new, full-time assistant. Main responsibilities include general assistant duties such as scheduling, phones, coordinating with other offices and working with a large client base to submit materials to producers and financiers. We are looking for someone who can do all that, and also be part of the creative process within the office and turn good ideas into great scripts.Please submit resumes as a .pdf managementasst1@gmail.com
Established management/production company with A-list literary and talent clients is looking for a new assistant for a talent manager. At least one year management/agency experience preferred, and for the right candidate with more experience this can be a great opportunity to work in a “Junior Manager” type capacity.  Candidates regardless should be well versed in the basics of the representation business and have a knowledge of the industry players. Email resumes to talentassistant705@gmail.com
Director’s assistant needed for M Night Shyamalan on his current project AFTER EARTH for Sony Pictures.  Shooting will take place in Philadelphia, Utah & Northern California.  Main role will comprise of on set production duties.  Primary tasks include handling directors needs (scheduling, errands, storyboards, dailies, on set coordination), tracking daily progress of filming schedule, arranging & managing on set logistics, interfacing with talent, producers & department. Looking to hire immediately.  Prior experience in production/studio/agency is a plus and bachelor’s degree is mandatory.  Please email all resumes to lisa@blindingedgepictures.com
Feature film financing and production company seeks office assistant.  Requirements: bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 1 year experience at a major agency/management co/production co or studio only.  Feature film experience preferred. Candidates must be efficient with excellent communication and organizational skills. Duties include phones, tracking projects, scheduling and general office duties. Extensive knowledge of industry players in both TV and film is a plus. Salary dependent on experience with full health and dental benefits. Send resumes to jobs@benaroyapics.com
Story Editor / Asst: Support for both a seasoned President and EVP in charge of content and film development of Visual Effects/Animation Company based in Hollywood, CA. Traditional Assistant Duties. In addition, creative work will include script development, tracking, and assisting in building out story and art departments for upcoming animated feature film. Agency/Management experience is helpful as well as knowledge in VFX and Animation Production. Please email resumes/cover letter to: HollywoodAsstJob@gmail.com
Busy Beverly Hills entertainment talent law firm is looking for a reliable name-partner’s assistant.  Must be able to juggle heavy phones, scheduling, billing, expense reports, client management and related tasks professionally and with complete discretion and a positive attitude.  Candidates must be folks who are set up to anticipate needs, act pro-actively to keep the desk moving. Entertainment experience is required and legal assistant experience is preferred.  Please email your cover letter, a detailed resume and your references to: entlawfirmjob@yahoo.com.  Salary is flexible depending on experience.
Long term personal/exec assistant needed for busy studio executive. Ideal candidate must have min. of 3yrs in current position, and 5yrs assistant experience, college degree, and prior entertainment experience.  Must be able to work overtime. Send resume and salary history to ffe.resumes@fox.com for consideration.
Major talent agency is looking for an assistant to the Head of Research; looking for a candidate who shows potential to be advance in the department.  Looking for someone with a statistical background and is comfortable constructing databases, building predictive models and interpreting results.  Proficiency in Excel is a must as well as a familiarity with SPSS. A passion for media is preferred, specifically social media, film and television. Open to applicants with experience, newly graduated (or soon to be graduated) students with a concentration in mathematics and/or statistics.  Send resumes to Agencyresearch90212@gmail.com
Seeking highly-motivated office assistant for boutique TV and film literary management company (not a production or development job). Requirements: industrious, tough, self-starter, multi-tasker with can-do attitude who can work independently and who is available to start by mid-November and make one-year commitment. Similar (non-production) entertainment office experience highly preferable (phone sheet, submissions, scheduling, filing, logs, etc.).  $500 to $550/week depending on experience.  Limited benefits. Send resume and cover letter to Field Entertainment: hiring@fieldentertainment.net
CE/Creative Assistant position at Sketch Films – The position is two-fold: assistant to President David Bernardi and also fulfill the responsibilities of a Creative Executive: track material, do writer/director/actor lists, take pitches, and write notes. If interested please email d.bernardi@sbcglobal.net
SVP Business & Legal Affairs seeks full-time legal assistant with television and/or film experience; Salary commensurate with experience. Bachelor’s degree required; legal experience a plus.  Duties would include: answering phones, scheduling and maintaining calendar, processing expense reports, creating and maintaining department’s legal files and binders, preparing memorandums, letters, forms procedures and other documents. Licensed notary a plus.  College degree required.  Paralegal study a plus. Send resumes to: careers@apa-agency.com
VP of Film at Chernin Entertainment is seeking a new assistant. Looking for someone with at least 1 year industry experience, preferably at an agency. Please send resumes to nf@cherninent.com
Full time Assistant needed in a fast-paced environment. Must be smart, energetic, dynamic, responsible, motived & professional. Excellent communication, organization skills & great personality a mus. Must be comfortable with children. Computer skills needed & Benefits & 401k. Salary in 20k range. Send resumes to:Talentagencypositions@gmail.com
Accounting Associate. Salary $45,000 to $50,000   This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new film distribution company located in Brentwood. The position will provide great exposure to various aspects of film distribution accounting. Responsibilities will include accounts payable supervision, journal entries, account analysis and reconciliations, financial close, ad hoc reporting, and special projects. An accounting degree or equivalent experience is required. Prior film company experience or familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics AX would be a plus, but is not required.  Send resumes to hr@openroadfilms.com
Partner for Talent Management Company looking for experienced assistant. Looking for a self-starter who is personable, detail oriented, efficient and organized.  Talent agency or management experience required. Position has growth potential. Hiring immediately. Salary & benefits. Please send cover letter and resume to asstresumes2012@gmail.com
Production company seeks highly organized and professional assistant for its CEO/President.  Duties include executive assisting at the highest level, proficient script coverage/notes for both television and feature films, coordinating travel schedules and meetings. Work with team at Hollywood-based office; Proficient in Mac, Entourage, Excel and Powerpoint. Bachelor degree and 2 years min. related experience required; Excellent writing and communications skills a must; Opportunity for growth. Email resume and cover letter to careeratfwp@gmail.com
Busy Film Producer seeks 1st Assistant.  Producer requires past experience at an agency.  Position is very fast paced.  Must be able to stay calm, organized under high pressure and deadline oriented environment.  Must be very detail oriented, organized, thick skin, and good communication skills.  Duties include manage busy schedule, rolling calls, arrange travel, and script coverage.  Must have reliable car, good attitude, and Mac / PC savvy.  Send resume/CV to cvfilmsintern@gmail.com.
Management 360 seeks an assistant for one of our talent partners. Ideal candidates have a minimum of one year desk experience at a talent agency or management company as a paid assistant. This is a non-negotiable requirement. Must be, dedicated, have excellent skills (rolling calls, travel, client schedules, attention to detail, etc.) and have a strong desire to be a talent manager. If you do not meet all these qualifications, please do not apply. Send resumes to jobs@management360.com as an attached pdf. And put “talent partner asst” in the subject.
Talent Manager at a bi-coastal management firm seeks seasoned assistant, meaning with experience (at a min. 6 months-1 year) for office in Los Angeles.  Experience must include time at an agency or management company.  Internship does not count.  Applicants must be self-motivated, highly organized, hard-working, detail-oriented and able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Competitive pay and benefits.  Again, please do not apply for this position unless you have at least six months to a year experience at a major agency or management office working as an assistant to an agent/manager who represents actors.   Email cover letter and resume to: assistant.management7@gmail.com
Production Company is seeking an assistant for its partner/president.  An ideal candidate would have the mental fortitude to handle a busy desk in an ever-evolving environment.  It will require a straightforward and articulate manner and an ability to manage a high volume of requests and administrative tasks.  Agency experience required, as this is not an entry-level position.  A passion for creative development is a must. Please email producerasstneeded@gmail.com with your resume.
Top film/music video/commercial production company seeks a polished, skilled and energetic assistant to its busy General Manager / Producer. Excellent phone and computer skills are a must.  Our ideal candidate is extremely bright and motivated with the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.  Knowledge of MAC, MS Office and Apple Mail required; This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of feature film, commercial and music video production and how to run a production company. Salary starts at 26k depending on experience. Please send resumes to resume@partizan.us, subject line GM Asst.
Prime Focus in Hollywood seeks “type A” administrative assistant for a fast paced Executive.  You are a highly motivated professional, impeccably organized, and an effective communicator with excellent writing skills.  You want to learn everything about the workings of a global entertainment company and grow.  Industry experience a plus but not required; high energy and professional demeanor interfacing all levels of management are.  Compensation includes overtime and benefits.  Email resume and cover letter to pfwlajobs@gmail.com
Management/production company is looking for junior manager. Industry experience preferable. Clients are award-winning international indie directors, novelists, screenwriters, graphic novelists and playwrights.  Candidates should be self-starters, resourceful, and looking for opportunities for advancement. Perfect for currently-frustrated assistants who want to make their mark. Please email resume to info@provocationent.com
Groundswell Productions is looking for an assistant to work for our President and President of Production. Great opportunity to learn and gain exposure to every aspect of filmmaking and producing including business and legal affairs, physical production, development, foreign sales and post production. Ideal candidate must have previous entertainment experience at a production company or agency. Must have college degree and be professional, detail oriented, resourceful, have excellent communication skills, and work well under pressure. Please send cover letter and to jwasst@groundswellfilms.com
Producer with first look deal at major studio seeks assistant to start immediately. Standard assistant duties entail phones, scheduling, travel, reading and coverage. It’s a hands on desk where you will have great exposure to all facets of the industry and have the opportunity to work on films in production. Some personal duties as well. Candidate must have two years’ experience on a busy desk at an agency, management co, or studio. Please paste your resume in the body of an email and send to: productioncompanyassistant1000@gmail.com
Media Rights Capital is seeking an ambitious and hardworking assistant to work in office of the CEOs and join our Executive Trainee Program. Must be detail oriented, comfortable with a high-pressure work environment, intellectually curious, and be proficient in handling assistant duties such as managing heavy phones and scheduling.  Ideal candidate will have some relevant entertainment experience.  Bachelor’s degree required.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to recruiter@mrcstudios.com
Assist SVP of Alternative Programming and Development at Sony Pictures Television.  Must have successful track record working for high-level television executives – adept at handling an intense desk, heavy phones/scheduling, with topnotch writing and research skills, and obsessive attention to detail.   Must be energetic, creatively driven, with proven passion for non-scripted programming.  Previous experience producing/developing projects is a big plus.  Please submit cover letter and resume to SPErecruiter@gmail.com
Reality TV Production Company is seeking a qualified Assistant to support the Executive Vice President of Development in our LA office.  One to two years previous assistant experience in the Entertainment Industry required. This person will be the first point of contact for clients and vendors and will be expected to make a great first impression.  Will be responsible for answering phones and e-mails, scheduling appointments, maintaining and updating filing/office systems, and other tasks as assigned.  Competitive salary + benefits.  Apply at hnasst@gmail.com
TV Executive Producer/Showrunner looking for assistant.  Must be friendly, upbeat, take initiative, highly organized with a “no job too small” attitude.  Tasks will be personal and administrative.  Great position for someone just getting familiar with the TV landscape.  Please email resumes to: tvasstjob@gmail.com
Eclectic Pictures is seeking a dedicated personal assistant to a distinguished producer. Directly responsible for all her business and personal matters; must also run a busy office and manage interns. You are the #1 point person at the company. Salary from $450-650/week. Please send email with cover letter, resume, and 2-3 references.  heidijoasst@eclecticpictures.com
Hollywood A-list actress, foundation creator and active fundraiser in search of an experienced executive assistant. Responsibilities include a positive attitude and bright personality with high organizational skills. The environment is very friendly but extremely busy and includes booking travel, acting as a constant liaison to all parties and reps in inner circle, assisting with all personal duties, expenses, extensive scheduling and regular travel. The number one need will be organizational skills and attention to detail. Salary commensurate to experience.  Please send resumes to celebrityassistant2012@gmail.com
Major talent agency is looking for an experienced, Manager to Director-level publicist (with knowledge of corporate PR preferred) to work alongside head of corporate communications. Candidate must have trade and business press experience, as well as minimum 5+ years working at PR agency, studio or network. Candidates should have top-notch written and oral communication skills, including ability to write press materials under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Growth potential. Position reports to head of corporate communications but will also interface with senior management. Competitive salary (commensurate with experience) and all customary benefits offered. Please fax resumes and cover letters to 310-205-5608. No calls please.
Full service boutique entertainment marketing company based in LA seeks a passionate Executive Assistant. This is a full time, temp to perm position – looking for an energetic and talented individual to support the Founder & CEO, as well as organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures. Must demonstrate interest in music, entertainment and pop culture. Requirements: minimum of 3 years experience as Executive Assistant, minimum 2 years experience in entertainment Marketing, PR, or related field. Please email your resume to job.executiveassistant@gmail.com
Boutique talent PR firm in West Hollywood is seeking a motivated and hardworking PR Assistant to deal with a variety of high profile clients. You will be responsible for day to day tasks including press clippings, pitching media, putting together all client memos, keeping up with media request etc. This job will also require general office duties including phones, maintaining calendar etc. Please note that this position will require long hours. Please reply with resume and cover letter to ktasst@tencerpr.com
Executive Assistant needed for music manager.  Minimum three years executive assistant experience required. Duties include handling busy schedule, travel, phones, some day-to-day artist management. Music industry and agency experience a plus.   Must multi-task, be efficient, have a great attitude and an abundance of common sense, be professional, personable and detail oriented.  Submit resume and cover letter to whowantsajob@gmail.com
Looking for interns for a music management company, to start immediately.  Must be smart, willing to work hard and do the basics around the office.  Common sense, phone manners/ skills a must.  This is a paid internship, not for school credit. Preferably in college or recent grads.  20-30 hours per week. Please submit cover letter and resume to whowantsajob@gmail.com.
Vuguru LLC, a new media company funded by Michael Eisner’s Tornante Company and Rodgers Media seeks a VP of Development to report to the Chief Creative Officer.  Duties include seeking material and talent appropriate for the company.  Managing the development process from acquisition through post across the entire slate.  Should have working knowledge of the leading buyers in the digital space.  Please email resumes to jobs@vuguru.com.
Academy-Award winning producer seeks experienced writer for inspirational new media company, SpiritClips.com. Must possess a mature perspective. The writer will work in our West LA office.  Please familiarize with our content and provide a cover letter and one short (under 5 pages) writing sample. Please have at least one professional writer gig under your belt (doesn’t have to be feature film). Send to nare@spiritclips.com
Inspirational new media company founded by an Academy Award winning producer is looking for experienced animators. They have to be well-versed in After Effects and have a versatility in style. Would be a plus if they can draw. Animators will work in our West LA office.  Email cover letter, resume and example of work to nare@spiritclips.com
Entertainment company is seeking candidate for unpaid internship. Great opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry. You’ll have a chance to be involved in website development, project pitches, promotional marketing, and client branding. Candidates must be motivated, extremely detail oriented, creative, have excellent communication, and organizational skills. Must be proficient in web design and graphic design software. College credit provided. Office located in Beverly Hills. Please email cover letter, resume, and design portfolio to newjoblistings.com
Seeking executive assistant to cover two vice presidents of digital group at major studio. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented and able to prioritize tasks and manage time with little supervision, and have exceptional phone and email manner. Can-do attitude essential; will be expected to provide support to other members of group. Must be Proficient in Microsoft Office. Agency/management experience preferred. Salary DOE. Full benefits. Please send cover letter and resume to  execasstdigital@gmail.com
Major talent agency is looking for an assistant to the Head of Research; looking for a candidate who shows potential to be advance in the department.  Looking for someone with a statistical background and is comfortable constructing databases, building predictive models and interpreting results.  Proficiency in Excel is a must as well as a familiarity with SPSS. A passion for media is preferred, specifically social media, film and television. Open to applicants with experience, newly graduated (or soon to be graduated) students with a concentration in mathematics and/or statistics.  Send resumes to Agencyresearch90212@gmail.com
Freelance readers needed for digital studio.  Looking for experienced readers/story analysts to do coverage on incoming feature, tv, and digital projects. $20+ per script. Please send resume and a brief cover-letter describing previous experience to: digitalfreelancereader@gmail.com
Fullscreen.net is looking for motivated individuals to help build YouTube content networks.  Responsibilities: Research/outreach to high potential YouTube Channels, Negotiating YouTube Channel Acquisition, Community management of networks, etc. Background: 1-2 years’ experience for an online content or management company, social media or talent agency, or inside sales.  To apply: Send email to work@fullscreen.net with “YouTube Talent Outreach” in the subject. Include:
Name, Email, Phone Linkedin, PDF resume, and cover letter.
Production Company seeks Full Time Website Editor/Manager for their soon to be launched online publication. Responsibilities include developing and managing the consistent content, coordinating assignments for staff writers, maintaining the website, and constant communication with Website Designers.  Candidate must be extremely organized with web design, writing, and management experience.  Competitive salary.  Please send resume to info@mirrorcubefilms.com
Handmade Mobile Entertainment runs multiple social networks across web and mobile. Ideally you have experience in entertainment, social or mobile. Job duties include trend analysis, identifying user behavior patterns, studying A/B testing, and working with senior management to optimize our revenue streams. Must be passionate about social media, have great presentation skills, and have 2-3 years of experience in FP&A or as a Business Analyst.  Please send resume and cover letter to jobs@handmademobile.com
Production Company with major deal to produce several original digital media series is seeking a Production Coordinator for fun, fast-paced downtown LA office. Experience with development, production, and social media preferred.  Candidates should be creative, detail-oriented, work well under pressure, and possess strong communications skills.  Duties include managing schedules, coordinating travel, and assisting with several shows in production.  Salary, full time position.  Please send cover letter and resume to:  ds2dio@gmail.com
Instinctive Film/ Interactor Media, worldwide film finance, production, and distribution company seeking Marketing/ Distribution Intern. Responsibilities include: create and execute strategic marketing plan for films, employ traditional and new media technologies. Availability at least 1-3 days per week. This is an un-paid internship, can receive credit and considering performance may receive commissions from the film projects. Email cover letter and resume ASAP (PDF or word doc) to imintern@ymail.com
Demo/McCarthy Casting seeks casting interns to work on a feature film starting immediately. Tasks include phones, sorting submissions, scheduling appointments and general office support. A great way to break into and learn about casting. Flexible days/hours, college credit available. Please email resumes to demomccarthy@gmail.com
NON-LA POSITIONS (All Locations/All Positions)
Off The Fence, international TV distribution company, seeking distribution intern to assist in marketing and sales efforts, in addition to acquisitions, in the NYC office. Duties include: corresponding with North American programmers and producers, implementing corporate and program marketing strategies, research market trends, assist in acquisitions and sales efforts. Must receive course credit.  Please email resume and cover letter to: elizabeth@offthefence.com
New York based production company dedicated to developing, producing, and financing original films is seeking a talented and enthusiastic intern to join the finance team.  It’s a full-time internship with a minimum 90-day commitment.  Candidates must be computer and excel literate, work well in a professional office environment, and – last but not least – have a passion for movies and the business of movies.  Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to: filmfinanceinterns@gmail.com
New York based film production company is seeking a seasoned Lead Assistant for a top level executive. Candidates should have a keen interest in the entertainment business, an awareness of the key players and companies, and the requisite skill set of an experienced assistant.  The position is demanding and requires long hours and occasional travel. Please send resumes to greattopassistant@gmail.com
Amazing receptionist needed for music company. Responsibilities: greeting guests in friendly/ professional manner, handle multiple phone lines. Must be a self-starter/ quick learner with exceptional people and communications skills; must have common sense; detail oriented; strong organizational skills; prioritize and multi-task; possess desire to excel at all tasks; no task is too small. Please submit cover letter and resume to whowantsajob@gmail.com
INTERNSHIPS (Film & Television)
Intern wanted for Talent Manager with celebrity and development music/theatrical clients. Looking for motivated intern who is interested in becoming a talent manager, plenty of room for growth.  Duties will be submitting clients on breakdowns/casting sites and emailing client auditions.  Must own a computer and can work from home or my office. Hours are very flexible, small stipend and big name for your resume.  Email Blackheart Management to:  Cynthia@Blackheart.com
Millennium Films is looking for development interns in our main office off Wilshire Blvd. Job will entail back up phones, coverage of scripts and manuscripts, notes on projects currently in development, research and general office assistance. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn the business. This is an unpaid position.  School credit necessary.  Please email millenniumfilmsintern@gmail.com
We are a Santa Monica based feature film production company seeking a bright, capable and responsible intern. Ideal candidate is detail oriented, computer savvy, a self-starter, and interested in gaining a broad perspective of the entertainment industry.  Must have strong interest in film production and development, be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or film school & have own transportation.  Please send resume and cover letter to kjamassist@kjammedia.com attention Eduardo.
Vertigo Entertainment (The Ring, The Departed) is looking for enthusiastic interns ASAP. We are a very busy production company with numerous projects in various stages of development and production. This is an extremely creative environment where interns can be as involved in the development process as they want to be. Very important to be a self-starter. Please email resume and brief cover letter to vertigointerns@gmail.com. Include ”Internship” in the subject line.
Fly On The Wall Entertainment, a leading reality tv production company, is seeking a graphic design intern. Applicants should be able to show samples of work created in photoshop and illustrator.  Samples should include some Typography or Logo/Branding development.  Experience with AfterEffects, Cinema4D or Maya is not necessary but an added bonus. Please send a PDF Resume to Daniel@flyotw.com
Muse Productions seeks committed, extremely organized, computer-savvy applicants with excellent communication skills for our spring internship. Duties include office work relating to all aspects of feature film development. Applicants must have a car to do light runs (we reimburse for gas). Internship is unpaid but may lead to paying work. Please send cover letter and resume to intern@musefilm.com
A List Rapper/Actor’s film production company in Beverly Hills seeks unpaid interns interested in learning and gaining experience in the film industry.  Part-time and full-time.   Duties include reading scripts, writing coverage, as well as general administrative duties.  Should be dependable, have reliable car, laptop, Mac savvy, and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office. Send resume/CV to cvfilmsintern@gmail.com
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier, Inc. is seeking part-time administrative interns to work within its multiple divisions (theatrical, commercial, youth and below the line). Credit is available where applicable; unpaid. This serves as a great introduction to the industry. Dates available are February -May 2012. Contact mvander@aeftalent.com with the subject “Internship”.
A-List director seeking interns. Must be thick skinned, organized, work well under pressure, and be extremely detail oriented. Looking for multi-taskers who are computer savvy and have exceptional communication skills. Open availability and reliable transportation are a must. This is an unpaid internship; only includes reimbursement for gas and expenses. If interested please e-mail resumes to: build.application@gmail.com
A-list director is seeking a graphic artist intern. Must be thick skinned, organized, work well under pressure, and be extremely detail oriented. The ability to work unusual hours and to be a fast paced worker is important. Must have reliable transportation, computer savvy, and be exceptional communicator. This is an unpaid internship; only includes reimbursement of expenses. If interested please email resume, cover letter, and examples of work to: build.application@gmail.com
A busy West Hollywood based film financier and production company require a part time intern immediately. Duties include office work and script coverage. Candidates should be enthusiastic, computer literate and detail-oriented. This is a great opportunity to learn and see how independent films are financed.  Position is unpaid, candidates must have script coverage experience. Please email cover letters, availability and resumes to:    Receptionusa@futurefilmgroup.com
Laura Ziskin Prods. is looking for applicants for their Spring internship program. Located on the Sony Lot and prepping a pilot and feature going into production. Development & industry knowledge, excellent attitude, speed, accuracy, car, and willingness to get it done are all a must. Unpaid. School credit available. Please email your cover letter and resume to SpringIntern2012@gmail.com
Independent film director and Associate Producer is seeking a part-time intern for college credit. Responsibilities include: project research, script coverage, assistant editing and helping out with ongoing projects. Great opportunity for someone looking to gain creative hands on experience to many areas in the film industry. Proficiency in Final Cut Pro is a plus. Please send a brief email highlighting your skills along with your resume and availability to: filmdirectorinternship@gmail.com
Talent Agency has immediate opening for an ambitious individual to intern in our office.  Candidate will be punctual, pleasant personality, excellent communication skills, able to multi-task, organized and follow instructions.  Duties include, packaging submissions, receptionist work, going on runs, and various clerical duties.  Strong computer skills, both PC/Mac.  Car a must with valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. Email resume with cover letter to hr@paulkohner.com.
ThinkFactory Media, a very busy television and feature film production company, is looking for interns for their scripted development department. Candidates must be enthusiastic, self-motivated, enjoy reading and can communicate ideas effectively. Must have computer skills, excellent writing skills and a stellar personality. Internship is unpaid and will include reading books and scripts, writing coverage and light office work. Please email resume and cover letter to: thinkfactoryinterns@yahoo.com
Talent management company is looking for a new intern to start.  The company manages actors, writers, and directors in film and television and develops features and TV series.  Candidate must be organized with excellent computer and phone skills and have the ability to juggle various duties in a fast-paced environment. Must have college degree or be currently enrolled.  E-mail cover letter and resume to schachterinternship@yahoo.com
Boutique Talent Management Company with A-list clients seeking eager interns to start immediately. Must be able to handle heavy phones and other administrative duties.  Candidate should be motivated, professional, organized, and computer literate. Interest in talent management is a plus.  Please send cover letter and resume to Shannon@managementsac.com
Red Hour Films is currently looking for qualified and eager interns. Duties will include reading scripts, answering phones, running errands and providing overall support to executives and assistants. Candidates should have experience with script coverage, have knowledge of the comedy/film world, and be willing to learn.  Unpaid but college credit is available. Please email resume, cover letter and sample script coverage to Internships@redhourfilms.com
Miss World, a documentary film produced and directed by Cecilia Peck is seeking an unpaid intern to start immediately and work 2-3 days a week on post-production Ideal candidate will be proactive, energetic, and possess very strong computer, research, and writing skills. You may receive school credit.  Please send your resume and cover letter to cecilia@linordocumentary.com
Fly on the Wall Entertainment is seeking extremely bright and competent individuals who will take initiative and work efficiently. Looking for two interns, one for graphic design and one for development. Research, filing, organization, runs, and other various office tasks. College credit is not required, but we will only be accepting intern submissions from those enrolled in college. Email Daniel@flyotw.com with a PDF resume.
An A-list management and production company in Beverly Hills seeks a diligent and ambitious intern. Tasks include answering phones, managing schedules, working with clients, and going on runs. Previous desk experience is preferred but not required. This internship is not paid so those interested must be able to receive school credit from their respective institution. E-mail cover letter and resume to thecollectiveintern@gmail.com
Vinson Films is currently seeking hard working, hungry interns starting immediately.  Responsibilities include general office duties and creative work:  reading, tracking, researching and occasional covering desks.  Ideal candidate should be available at least 2 days a week and must be highly skilled with both PC/MAC.  Very fast paced, strong environment.  If you want to learn producing and development, this is a major opportunity to see how it all works.  Send resumes to tara@vinsonfilms.com
Blumhouse Productions is seeking interns for creative development, physical production, on-set work, and post production. The internship is unpaid (but lunch is included). Knowledge in film production is not required but encouraged. If you are looking for a fast-paced and exciting opportunity, apply now. Please email resumes to blumhouseproductions@gmail.com
Hollywood based Production Company seeking resourceful, skilled individuals for internship positions. Candidate must have great communication skills, professionalism and be computer and web savvy. Duties include basic administrative office work, script coverage and scheduling. Minimum of 2 days a week commitment. Must currently attend a University or a Bachelor degree is required. Entertainment and/or agency experience is a plus. Could lead to permanent position.
For consideration please send your resume to internappbox@gmail.com
Boutique Literary and Talent Management company seeks interns to start immediately.  Interns will be hands on and involved with development and management aspects.  Responsibilities include: phones, script coverage, admin support, and research. Candidates should have strong interest in feature and television development and must be receiving school credit.  Unpaid. Please send resumes and cover letters to BlackBoxAsst@gmail.com .
Samuel Goldwyn Films is looking for bright and detail-oriented Development (and Acquisitions) Interns. Responsibilities include participation in the creative and development process, reading and covering scripts, plays, books as well as research and data entry. All applicants must be currently enrolled university students. Those receiving college credits for the internship are strongly preferred, as the position is unpaid. Email cover letter and resume to sgf.intern@gmail.com
Fuse Entertainment seeks reliable, enthusiastic, and dedicated students for our internship program. We offer a fun, fast-paced environment where interns are encouraged to ask questions and contribute creatively. Responsibilities include: clerical support, phones, script coverage and research. Candidates should have strong interest in television development and must be receiving school credit. Unpaid. Send resumes and cover letters to supportdesk@fuse-ent.com
Incognito Pictures, a new production company, is seeking a highly motivated, detail oriented, unpaid intern. Must be a self-starter who is, trust worthy, organized and reliable. Candidates must have good communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks from data entry, scheduling, itineraries, etc. Mac based knowledge as well as a proficiency with Filemaker, Google Apps, and InEntertainment a plus. Please Email cover letter and resume to info@incognitopictures.com
Busy film production company based at Walt Disney Pictures is looking for development interns.  Nice people, easy going environment.  Job duties will include coverage, research and occasionally phones.  Great way to get real development experience. Please send resumes to:  DisneyProductionCompany@gmail.com
Smart Entertainment seeks passionate interns to start immediately. Responsibilities include script reading and coverage, research, answering phone calls and general office demands. This is an excellent opportunity to learn in an active environment and grow within the entertainment industry.  2-3 days/week preferred. Email resumes and cover letters to: assistant@smartentertainment.com
Open Road Films is an acquisition based domestic distribution company. The Acquisitions department is accepting an intern for Spring semester, starting in mid-February.  The position is unpaid, however parking and lunch will be provided.  Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and a love for story, film and marketing.  Duties will include ordering lunch, answering phones, reading scripts, writing coverage, entering festival data and watching submitted screeners.  Email resume and cover letter to John at this temporary email: stairbiogir@dunflimblag.mailexpire.com
Talent management company seeking an unpaid intern. Direct participation and a great learning experience. PC knowledge is must. Email cover letter and resume to asst@beddingfieldco.com
Los Angeles based management company looking for hard working intern. Applicants must have good communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks including answering phones, data entry, and general office duties. Previous desk experience is preferred but not required. E-mail cover letter and resume to precisioninterns@gmail.com
Experienced film and TV producer working at a top boutique talent management company is currently looking for an intern. Qualified applicants will have passion and some experience in entertainment, be extremely organized and detail-oriented, excellent with MS Office, and experience with (or willing to learn) graphic/web design and editing. Please submit brief cover letter and resume to ProducerIntern@gmail.com. Please clearly include your availability in your email. Internships are unpaid, but course credit is offered.
New Wave Entertainment is seeking enthusiastic, hardworking, dedicated and reliable interns with a huge desire to work in talent management to come aboard us this pilot season. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, handling submissions, script reading/coverage, research, assisting executives and assistants, errands, and/or general office needs. Candidates should have strong interest in talent management and must be receiving school credit. Please send your resumes to newwaveinterns@gmail.com
Verve Talent & Literary Agency based in Los Angeles is seeking hard working, motivated interns for the winter to start in January.  Duties will include research, coverage and general office/clerical duties.  Candidates should be resourceful, able to multitask and excited to learn about the industry in a fast-paced and demanding environment.  This internship provides the opportunity for hands-on involvement and a fantastic learning experience.  Internship is unpaid, but college credit is available if needed.  Please email resume and cover letter to: vervelaintern@gmail.com